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There are 19 objects for which Decoration contains "bead" Incised pattern of parallel lines enclosing dots, between these features are undulating lines. There is also an incision around the girth of the bead. 2002.98.0170.jpg Parallel zigzag lines incised on both the bottom and top sides of the bead as well as an incision of one line around the girth of the bead and around each end of the piercing. Spherical bead with an incision around the girth, and parallel lines of 2 or 3 incisions either side of the girth. DSCN0189.jpg Three parallel lines of incisions in diamond shapes on the surface of the bead Triangular incisions either side of the girth. At the top and the bottom of the bead there are incisions as well as around the girth.
13.10.28 Wear peplos, distinctive necklace with large central bead. Fingers and toes incised. 2008.99.0087.jpg
14.9.117 Female wears ceremonial dress suggesting she may be a priestess, of long chiton, necklace with central drop bead and diadem or kalathos on her head. Incision around head and neck. 2008.99.0023.jpg
E.23.43.1 Long cylindrical bead, light blue in colour. 2002.98.0254.jpg
E.23.43.2 Cylindrical bead, light blue glaze, the bead is thickest at one end and tapers to it's thinnest at the other end.
E.23.43.3 Cylindrical bead, blue glaze. The bead is shaped somewhat like a bone in that the ends are bulbous either side of a thinner middle.
E.23.43.4 Short, cylindrical bead, light blue in colour.
E.23.43.5 Short, cylindrical bead, light blue in colour.
E.23.43.6 Short, cylindrical blue bead.
E.23.43.7 Short, blue bead, light blue in colour.
E.23.43.8 Flat, circular bead with a hole for threading through the middle. Light blue in colour.
E.23.43.9 Flat, circular bead, light blue in colour. The hole for threading is slightly off centre. 2008.08.0187.jpg
E.23.47.1 A string of random beads placed together. The string consists of two Horus amulets, two lotus petal amulets, two scaraboid amulets, several single beads of circular shapes, one shell, one broken unidentifiable amulet and one cylindrical bead. There are varying colours and sizes. 2002.98.0232.jpg
E.23.48 The internal beads are sewed in a diamond form. The ones on the outside frame the bead net. There's a sacred scarab in the upper area of the net. Beneath it, there are 4 ornaments/amulets, that appear to be the four sons of Horus. 2002.98.0258.jpg
E.23.50 Cylindrical bead in blue glaze 2002.98.0992.jpg
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