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There are 133 objects for which Decoration contains "bearded"
14.9.91 Bearded man riding horse at left, dark featureless figure at right.
2007.1.10.14 Naked man holding a club talking to a wall with a bearded head??
2007.1.10.43 The head and shoulders of a bearded man wearing a cloak and holding a stick in his left hand
2007.10.1.14 Man with another figure (possibly a bearded man shaking hands). Cast number 78.
2007.10.1.27 Bearded man with short curly hair kneeling down on one knee and facing to the left of the image with his right arm raised. Small winged boy behind him. Cast number 91
2007.10.1.28 Naked bearded man with short curly hair kneeling on left knee facing the left of the image. He's holding a stick in his left hand and has a winged boy on his back. Cast number 92
2007.10.1.29 Naked bearded man kneeling down on left knee facing the left of the image and touching head with right hand. Cloths hanging down from his left arm. Tiny winged boy behind him. Cast number 93.
2007.10.2.100 Bearded male head in profile facing right. He is wearing a helmet and to his left is a small naked female figure.
2007.10.2.106 Head of a bearded male in profile facing left. He is wearing a hat.
2007.10.2.11 Portrait in profile of bearded man facing left
2007.10.2.145 3 figures indoors, shown by hanging drapes and furniture: old man sitting on floor long hair, bearded, wearing robes, chest showing, young woman standing wearing also wearing robes, holding the old man's hand and a young man sitting down bare-chested holding a long object, while looking at the other two figures.
2007.10.2.148 Male head, profile facing right, bearded, wearing a hat.
2007.10.2.149 Bearded male seated figure in front of a pillar, half naked, learning towards a young male figure emerging from a vase.
2007.10.2.178 Female bust. Profile facing right. Looking towards a male bearded face (reminiscent of a dramatic mask).
2007.10.2.180 Cupid is on the back of a bearded centaur, and has his hands tied up.
2007.10.2.183 Male bust, profile facing left bearded, bear chested, wearing a helmet, with a spear (?)
2007.10.2.184 Bearded male bust, wearing a helmet
2007.10.2.208 Two figures: one bearded, naked, sitting down with his hand resting on the second figure, which is standing, also naked
2007.10.2.21 Bearded head mounted on a stick ?
2007.10.2.216 2 figures. Figure on left bearded with horns (possibly a Satyr). Figure on right (possibly young male) seen from back, struggling with the other figure.
2007.10.2.226 Seated male figure, bearded and naked from the waist up. He is holding what appears to be a scythe (possibly identifying him as Kronos). Elaborate seat, possibly a throne. Detail at bottom left of cast is possibly a temple on the summit of a hill or mountain.
2007.10.2.24 Portrait in profile of a bearded man wearing a head dress facing right
2007.10.2.245 A bearded, muscular, and semi-naked seated figure. His clothing is possibly an animal skin (paws seem to be apparent). He appears to be resting as his right arm rests on his knee and his right hand supports his bowed head. He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. His other hand appears to be holding a further (unidentified) object which rests across his lap. A club rests against his left thigh in the foreground of the scene. There is either a bull or cow depicted by the figure's right leg at the bottom-left of the scene. The figure shown is almost certainly Herakles, possibly resting after one his labours (herding the cattle of Geryon?).
2007.10.2.247 A bearded, extremely muscular, and semi-naked male figure standing and facing to the left. He has a cloak tied at the neck and carries a club in his left hand. His right arm is raised and he is holding an (unidentified) object in his right hand. The figure is almost certainly Herakles.
2007.10.2.249 The large profile of a bearded male face. Much of the top and back of the head is cut-off by the edge of the cast. To the left of the face is what appears to be a pole with a snake coiled around it.
2007.10.2.261 Two figures, one is a naked and bearded man standing, the other is a female sitting down. He is holding what looks like a staff or club, which could identify him as Heracles and she is balancing something on her knee. There are trees and vines in the background.
2007.10.2.281 Profile of a bearded man facing the left.
2007.10.2.283 Profile of a bearded man facing to the right, possibly Zeus with an ancient Greek inscription on his right side.
2007.10.2.30 Profile portrait of a bearded man facing right
2007.10.2.307 A bearded male figure crouches before a large handled urn. The urn is decorated with a simple line pattern. The figure appears to be holding a small hammer in his right hand, which he is possibly in the process of using (his gaze/concentration appears fixed upon it). To the far right of cast a tree is depicted, perhaps to simply denote the scene is an exterior one (rural rather than urban might also be suggested).
2007.10.2.310 A bearded male crouches in front of a large handled urn. He appears to be holding a small hammer in his right hand which he is possibly using (gaze/concentration are directed towards it). The urn is decorated with what is possibly a sphynx. Very similar image to cast no.597.
2007.10.2.311 A large female figure reclines in the centre of the scene. She is dressed in robes and is wearing either a helmet or a cap (Phyrigian cap?). Her left arm is resting on a disembodied (bearded male) head and her left hand holds a staff which rests against her upper-arm or shoulder. Beneath the large female figure and to the left of the male head are two shapes which possibly represent boats or ships. These shapes might indicate that the portion of the scene below the female figure is in fact a river or the sea. In turn this might suggest that the disembodied head is emerging from the water (possibly identifying it as a river god). To the left of the scene a very small figure appears to be presenting the large female figure with something, possibly a basket or urn. A slightly larger figure, leaning on a stick, looks on from beneath a tree. Above the very small figures head are two animals (presumably intended to appear to be further off in the background). One at least of these animals is certainly a horse. To the right of the large female figure's head there is a representation of a stag. At the top of the scene in a central position are three shapes. It is unclear exactly what these are (possibly huts or houses of some description?).
2007.10.2.346 At first sight, what appears to be a dual profile of a bearded man and an elephant with their heads attached but facing in opposite directions. At the tip of the elephant's trunk there is a scorpion. When the cast is turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise, there appears to be a second male profile, facing to the right and wearing a hat.
2007.10.2.35 Portrait head in relief of bearded man with long wavy hair and crown
2007.10.2.38 Head and shoulders of a man with two faces, one facing left the other right, bearded
2007.10.2.42 Profile portrait of bearded man with vines in his hair, maybe Dionysis
2007.10.2.55 Bearded male head facing forward. Below the head appears to be two flaming torches. Four cherubs (?) frame the hair, with the top two looking like they're putting a crown on the head. There is an inscription, in Greek, on either side of the head.
2007.10.2.64 Naked male figure holding a short staff and a cloak draped over his arm. He is bearded and very muscular.
2007.10.2.92 Bearded male sitting on a grand looking chair, possibly a throne. He holds a tall stick in one hand and some sort of disk in the other. By his feet is an animal.
2007.10.2.94 Bearded male sitting down. To his left lie 2 sticks on the ground.
2007.7.1A-S Rim (A-D) has tongues on the top, a design with dots and traigular shapes on the sides, with palmettes below; Side A (H-K) shows a symposion, with a bearded man (Dionysos?) and possibly the hoof of a satyr; Side B (L-N) shows a battle. A, B, C: Rim with tongues, side design and palmettes below; D: Rim with tongues and side design, no palmettes below; E: Fragment from just below the rim with the palmette design; F: Fragment from below the rim, all black with part of a palmette on the lower left; G: Black on both sides; H: Head and shoulders of a bearded man(Dionysos?) with the circle and triangular motif running vertically on the right; I: Arm and torso of the bearded man on the upper part, on the lower part there is another object which could be his couch; J: Left half is black, right half contains an unclear section of the symposion scene; K: Drapery, most likely from the symposion scene, with a drinking horn in the lower right corner and possibly the hoof of a satyr; L: Top half of the battle scene, with a nude man holding a spear, and probably a tree running vertically along the left side. The scene is bounded by the circle and triangle design; M: Lower half of L, with the lower body of the nude man, drapery on the left side; N: Leg of the nude man, with the lower part of the tree running vertically on the left; O-P: Plain black; Q: Black, with part of the circle and triangle design; R: Black, with part of a design on the top; S: Base, tongue design
2007.9.1.11 Displaying the head of a bearded man wearing a helmet, profile facing right.
2007.9.1.13 Displaying the front view of the head of a bearded man.
2007.9.1.15 Displaying the front view of a very small head of a bearded man.
2007.9.1.20 Displaying the head of a bearded man wearing a helmet, profile facing left.
2007.9.1.24 Displaying the head of an older, bearded man, profile facing left.
2007.9.3.1 Displays the head of a mostly bald and bearded man, profile facing right.
2007.9.3.103 Bust of bearded male in profile facing right. Probably Asclepius as he holds a staff with a snake wound around it.
2007.9.3.104 Two male heads in profile facing right. The male in the foreground is older and bearded while the male behind is younger and beardless with wild hair.
2007.9.3.105 Head of bearded male figure in profile facing left. He wears a crown.
2007.9.3.131 Male head in profile facing right. He is bearded and wears a cloak. Probably uniform of the army.
2007.9.3.132 Male head in profile facing left. He is bearded and wears a cloak. Probably uniform of the army.
2007.9.3.15 Displays the head of a bald bearded man, facing left, with the face of a boar appearing out of the back of his head.
2007.9.3.154 Male head in profile facing right. He is a mature, bearded man.
2007.9.3.160 Head of a bearded male in profile facing left.
2007.9.3.92 Head of a mature bearded male in profile facing right.
2007.9.3.94 Head of bearded male in profile facing right.
2008.1.2.80 Profile portrait of a bald bearded man
2008.2.1.10 Head of a bearded male in profile facing right.
2008.2.1.101 Profile view of a bearded man facing the right. He has short, slightly wavey hair.
2008.2.1.23 Two heads facing forward. To the left a bearded male, to the right a woman. Both look quite old.
2008.2.1.26 Bearded male head in 3/4 profile facing right.
2008.2.1.31 Two figures in profile facing right. In front is a bearded male and behind, a woman.
2008.2.1.47 Profile bearded male bust, possibly Homer or philosopher
2008.2.1.5 Two figures. A bearded male stands. He is winged. A younger male sits hunched over in front of him, holding a club (?) in his hand.
2008.2.1.53 Short haired woman holding and gazing at the head of a bearded male, possibly a drama mask.
2008.2.1.55 Profile bust of a bearded bald man wearing a crown of leaves with the start of his robe collar shown at the bottom left.
2008.2.1.72 Bust of bearded male figure with what appears to be a snake wrapped around shoulders.
2008.2.1.74 To the left of the scene is a semi-naked male figure appears to be sitting upon a table, there is a second male figure on his knees in front of the other fully clothes and bearded he seems to be much elder than the first. This figure is grasping the seated figures knees possibly in an act of supplication. Behind these figures two further male figures on look, one of these throws his hand out, he's mouth is open suggesting he is surprised or angry. The background setting is heavily draped so is perhaps the interior of a tent.
2008.2.1.76 Profile of an older male bearded male figure. Appears to have his head tied with a band.
2008.2.1.77 Bust of a clothed older male figure. The figure is bearded with a band tied in his hair.
2008.2.1.78 Profile of a older male figure. The figure is bearded with a band tied round his head
2008.2.1.79 Bust of a older male figure. The figure is bearded and has his hair tie with a band. There is a robe covering his left shoulder.
2008.2.1.80 Profile male facing left. Bearded and mostly bald hair at base of skull.
2008.2.1.84 Man balding and bearded with robes. Man looking to the left.
2008.2.1.85 Profile of a man facing to the right. The man is bearded with curly hair and wearing robes.
2008.2.1.87 An elderly bearded man with an indiscernable inscription on the base of the bust.
2008.2.1.9 Head of a bearded male in profile facing left.
2008.2.1.98 Profile view of a bearded elderly man with curly hair wearing fabric covering most of his head. His robes are visible at his shoulders.
2009.10.1.5 Oblique angle to the left of bearded male figure wearing a helmet. Cast Number - 952
2009.10.1.7 Right side profile view of a balding, bearded man. Cast Number - 954
2009.10.2.119 A collection of figures, a bearded man sitting under a tree, watching a centaur dancing with a woman, two cupids surround them. Number 51.
2009.10.2.209 two male faces, one bearded and one younger. Number 81
2009.10.2.294 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair and a garment around his neck. Number - 9
2009.10.2.295 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 10
2009.10.2.297 Left profile view of a bearded man with curling hair, wearing a garment. Number - 12
2009.10.2.298 Left profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 13
2009.10.2.299 Right profile view of a bearded man with curly hair. Number - 14
2009.10.2.300 Side profile of a bearded man, looking right
2009.10.2.301 Profile of a bearded man looking to the left
2009.10.2.302 Profile of a bearded man looking right
2009.10.2.33 Portrait of bearded man pictured above an eagle, with two winged children on either side, on ladders placing wreaths into a pot placed on his head. Number 33
2009.10.2.381 Seated semi-nude bearded male with a female figure on the left leaning over him with her hands on his shoulders. A male figure with his left hand raised and leading a horse is on the left of the figures, and a standing female figure on the right holding drapery. There is a temple behind the figures and a tree on either side, with two bearded male figures under the right-hand tree. Number 37
2009.10.2.382 Seated bearded male figure holding an object in his right hand with a raised left hand, instructing a standing nude male youth wearing a cloak and leaning on a spear. Number 38
2009.10.2.393 Large bull with bearded man's face, with a star above on the left, a symbol on the right and a snake beneath the bull. With an inscription above the bull. Number 49
2009.10.2.399 Walking bearded male centaur holding a horn in his right hand and carrying a branch over his left shoulder. Number 55
2009.10.2.400 Bearded male centaur lying down, holding a shield above him with his left hand and pulling an arrow from his side with his right. Number 56
2009.10.2.401 Bearded male centaur carrying an ornate staff over his left shoulder and a lion skin and basket on his right shoulder. There is a faint inscription below the figure. Number 57
2009.10.2.402 Bearded male centaur rearing up on his back legs and aiming a bow and arrow to the right. Number 58
2009.10.2.44 A large cast with a depiction of the zodiac signs as a border. Four men are pictured, on the far left a man with winged shoes and hat (Hermes), with a cockerel standing next to him, bearded man on throne(Zeus) who is standing on Poseidon, on the right another man with a helmet and sheild (Ares). Number 44.
2009.10.2.59 Figure of a bearded man with a scepter, there is a child to his left who he is shielding with his cloak. Number 59.
2009.9.221 On the upper part, a man falling down with a chariot pulled by 4 horses. On the bottom, a bearded man looks up and three naked women holding twigs. The downfall of Phaeton. Cast number: 56
2009.9.225 A bearded man sitting on a stool, drinking with an eagle holding a turtle over his head. Cast number: 65
2009.9.228 Profile of a bearded man with short straight hair. A part of his cloak can be seen. Inscriptions on the bottom. Cast number: 68
2009.9.230 A bearded man sitting on a stool playing the lyre and opposite to him a herme of a man with an erect penis. Cast number: 70
2009.9.231 A bearded man sitting on a stool playing the lyre in front of a herme of a young man with an erect penis. Cast number: 71
2009.9.280 A woman with wings, maybe Nike, and a bearded man wearing a helmet standing in a chariot pulled by two horses. A second woman walking behind the horses. Inscription beneath the chariot. Cast number: 18
2009.9.281 A bearded man in full armour holding a spear, putting one hand on a ball or globe carried by a man or child sitting next to his feet. A winged creature is standing on the bearded man's hand, maybe Nike. Cast number: 19
2009.9.30 A man with a rooster's head, holding a basket in one hand, on the other hand the fingers look like feathers. Beside him lays a head of a bearded man. The monster is standing on a box on which are Greek letters. Cast number: 44
2016.3.1 Moulded ring around the discus; there is a moulded decoration of a corpulent bearded male figure (satyr), riding a goat, on the discus. The satyr is grasping the animal's horn with the right and the tail with the left hand. Scene is depicted in left side view. Three punched dots decorate the shoulder in the section of the nozzle. Incised ring around the base with Greek inscription at centre. 2016.01.0013.jpg
26.12.10 Inside black with reserved line at top. Two handles are balck on top but reserved underneath. Outer surface top to bottom, black band on offset rim, ivy leaves, black line, inverted ivy leaves, black band, thin band, main design, three black bands, alternating red and black tongues, red ridge, black foot. Main design is similar both sides and shows a wedded pair in chariot with many onlookers or attendants of both genders. On far side of chariot is a bearded man between two women. Onlookers appear to be mostly in pairs. Women originally had white painted flesh. Clothing detail is incised. Foot is black on top but lowest point of side is reserved. Inner foot ring is black and base is reserved except for a black band in the centre. 2002.99.0029.jpg
29.11.6 The vessel is divided in three horizontal zones by lines of unequal width. There are also very thin, vertical lines at the sides of and beneath the handles. A (above): A youth (servant?), making a gesture as if offering something (perhaps a branch, which extends from the servant's wrist) to a bearded, draped man (possibly Dionysos), at centre. He holds a large kantharos and leans against a rock. Behind him is another youth, who is perhaps supporting the rock. On either side of the scene there are palmettes that seem to have sprung from the handles. B (above): Similar to side A, except that the man reclines on a couch, and the vessel is offered to him by a (servant?) woman in front of him. The youth behind him looks to the left. The scene is framed vertically on both sides by a series of dots as well as the same palmettes as on side A. A-B (below): A band of palmettes, every second one inverted; two lines; a band of of tongues; reserved band. Base black, with black concentric circles on the underside. Interior: reserved band within lip. At centre, tondo decorated with the winged horse, Pegasus, advancing to the right. 2004.05.0024.jpg
30.4.2 On top of mouth thin fields between two groups of circles; side, row of small dots between bands. Three horizontal lines on handles. Bearded goat to left, head erect, added red on neck and stomach. Field rosettes mainly cruciform with diagonal incisions crossing at centre. Below goat, three bands around base with a gap before four more circles meeting at centre of base. Partly white style, where a large area remains free of design. 2003.97.0018.jpg
35.5.30-33 Inside, a fine reserved line round rim; 5b, a pair of reserved lines framing a medallion; 6b, part of the outer line of this fram; 7b, shoulder and lower part of face of bearded man. Outside, 4 and 5a, part of palmette complex around handle; 6a, part of figure wearing chlamys, tendril, and lotus; 7a, foot, two reserved lines beneath figure zone. Relief contour for most of the tendrils, but not for drapery nor palmette leaves nor lotus. Remains of red ochre on the reserved patch under the handle. 2004.10.0096.jpg
35.5.34 Inside, reserved line around the rim; in a medallion framed by a key pattern broken by a chequered square, a male in himation leaning on a stick in conversation with an athlete (legs only). Outside, between palmettes an athlete with his arm resting on a pillar over which his cloak falls; on his right a man with a stick, on his left another male (face missing). Relief contour for pillar, walking sticks, and back of neck of all the figures. Hair contour reserved. Added colour, probably red, for fillet of bearded man, white for garland of the clothed figure in the medallion. 2004.10.0083.jpg
35.5.34A-Q (a) fragment, three joins. Decoration on both sides. Band of geometric pattern above which is person's foot and bottom of leg standing to the right, wearing a hymation. On the opposite side: floral pattern to the left of bottom half of a person and to the right of this person the hand and lower body of another. (b) curved, palmette on other side black. (c) large roughened patch to the top right where possibly a handle was attached, floral pattern around this. (d) small fragment, on one side band of geometric pattern, on the opposite side floral pattern. (e) large piece, three fragments joined. Bearded man in the centre facing to the right, left arm raised and holding a long stick, right arm tucked into hymation. To the right of the man, the arm of another person and to the left a floral pattern, inside black. (f) Very similar to fragment a. three pieces joined together. On one side in centre bottom half of a person, feet and lower legs facing left and wearing a hymation, to the right floral pattern. Opposite side, band with geometric pattern. (g) On one side to left part of a hymation, to right an arm. Opposite side band with geometric pattern. (h) On one side the feet and legs of a person standing on a platform with the bottom of a stick he/she is possibly holding to the left, in the right hand corner the edge of a geometric pattern. On the opposite side the feet of someone facing to the left wearing a hymation dropping behind them, to the right of them a floral pattern. (i) Small piece of two fragments joined together. Chest of a male with right arm extending, his hymation drapped over his right arm. (j) Head of a male facing left with hymation over his shoulder and part of large palmette to his right. (k) Small frgment, part of hymation. (l) Small fragment part of hymation (m) Small fragment part of hymation. (n,o,p) small fragments with no detail. 2004.10.0001.jpg
37.7.2 On mouth three bands, middle one broad; on handle horizontal bands at top and bottom. Daisy petal pattern on shoulder. with three brown bands beneath. Bearded siren with outspread wings to left. In field dots and rough rosettes, one incised with parallel lines. Back left plain in the 'white style'. Bands around foot and two on base. 2003.05.0002.jpg
38.4.1 Black glaze except for added white decoration: (A) a bearded man running profile to the rightright but with his head turned back, cloak over his arm; (B) a man standing profile to the right, wearing a himation and holding a wreath. Wavy lines and spray of leaves on each side of figures. 2003.29.0002.jpg
38.4.9 Blackglaze except for white decoration and reserved base of the foot. A: grotesque bearded god with large head reclining on ground; bird perched on right hand, budding stick as sceptre in left. B. Hermes wearing petasos and short chiton leaning on stick; caduccus in field behind him. Retrograde inscription; letters shown look like W,H,I,O... 2004.75.0006.jpg
39.8.2 Picture inside is of a bearded satyr, with his left hand on his side and his 4th and 5th figures bent under. He is stooping and reaching forward with his right hand. His long ear reaches well above the top of his bald head. 2003.21.0014.jpg
45.10.13 (i) There is a small part of a motif (partially covered with plaster) that consists of wavy lines. Below it, there are two lines and underneath there are parts of two inverted, palmettes (voluted with petal-shaped divisions) that flank a three-pointed flower with two dots to represent pollen. ii) Between two pairs of lines there is a guilloche (fillets with teardropped terminations interwoven together) with dots among the lines. Below, there is a broad black band, which seems to be interrupted at the right side. (iii) At the left, three parts of vertical, black bands and incisions create part of an object (garment hanging from chair or couch?) In the middle, there is an object- as if it was a grave-stele with a cross-shaped ? ending above which spring two heraldic, white, voluted palmettes (now fadded away), a chiastic motif with dots and horizontal lines on top- but inverted (leg of a bed or couch?). Next to that, there are a figure's part of thighs, knees and calves, close to part of a palmette. (iv) A bearded satyr (seilinos) plays a chorded instrument (lyre), while his himation is hanging in the background. Next to him there is a draped female figure (Demeter?), holding a wreath (black circle) and branches with dots on both sides that surround her. The details on her drapery have been executed with added red and so are those for her head-dress. There are also traces of added white on her neck. On top of the fragment there is part of a motif of tongues contoured with ellipsoid lines and a line that encircles this pattern. v) On the left, there is part of the satyr's lower legs (above the knees towards the feet) and the lower end of his himation. Next to him there is the termination of the female figure's branch, close to a similar inverted grave-stele? and part of an object that resembles an animal paw (lion-shaped foot of chair or couch) . Below these, there is a line on which they seem to step on. Next, a guilloche between two pairs of lines and at the bottom part of a radial-shaped motif with a line that contours it on top. vi) A line and black, teardropped spot. vii) There is a line on whose right top side stands a rectangular object with a rectangular surface in the middle being reserved. Below, part of two lines on top of part of the guilloche. viii) Small part of shoulder and neck: there is a black spot, a thin band, a red line on top of a plastic ring (joining point of neck and shoulder) and part of a tongue-shaped pattern contoured by a line on the shoulder. There is also a part of two lines in the interior. ix) Part of the guilloche, the two lines underneath and the radial-shaped motif at the bottom. x) Tiny bit of the guilloche and the two lines below it and part of the radial-shaped motif. xi) Part of voluted palmette and tongue-shaped motif. xii) Part of the floral motif (of a three-pointed flower)? with lines that form a rhombus with a dot in the middle. xiii) Part of the shoulder and the spring of a handle. On the top there is the tongue-shaped motif, encicled by a line and below it an inverted palmette. The spring of the handle is black and next to it there are short, diagonal incisions. There is also a tiny spot of black colour in the interior. xiv) On the left, part of leaf-shaped (heart-like) motives (part of thyrsos?), close to a band of black colour, of undecipherable shape. Next to that, there is the lower part of a female draped figure, with small crosses on it. At the right side there is black and white colour that forms ovaloid shapes (?). xv) A black band and on the left part of the female drapery.
46.9.1 Mouth coloured black inside, outside, neck red. Handle black on outside and reserved underneath. On shoulder, black rays below fine ridge at base of neck, then lotus flowers - white outer petals alternating with black buds. Body has a silvery black glaze with two red lines at top, another just under the figure scene and another just in the junction with the base. In added white, bearded charioteer with two galloping horses. They are in profile to the left. He is holding the reigns of the horses. Naked with fillet on hair and belt, both shown incised. Row of white dots above the scene. Details of man's body and horses' incised. Disk foot has reserved edge, base is reserved. 2003.92.0149.jpg
47.6.3 Dull brownish-black glaze all over. Ribbed handles with bearded masks instead of spurs, handles divided in two between mask and body. In handle zone, incised band of tendrils on straight stalk. White dots (v. worn) above and below. Round top of lower band some evidence of what was a wavy pattern. Lower band black as is base and the rest of the vessel. 2002.97.0647.jpg
51.4.11 Glaze is dark brown, sometimes with a reddish hue. Glazed on rim, neck (interior and exterior), handles, at junction of body and stand, and on exterior of foot. Cartoon-ish black-figure scenes on body and stand, with incised detail. Body, side A: Legless horseman, with arms spread on either side, to right on a horse held by a bearded man in a short tunic, with a dagger at his right side, who stands to his left. Behind him stands another bearded man wearing a short tunic, who holds a branch in his outstretched right hand, and bends his left arm at his side. Body, side B: Another legless horseman advances to the right, also with arms outstretched, on a horse, galloping towards a bearded, male figure, wearing a long tunic, who stands profile to the left. Stand, side A: Two confronting water birds, with 3 flecks behind the right water bird. Stand, side B: Two male figures in profile to the right, with a dagger at his left side; the second figure, who is shorter, seems to be bound. 2002.97.0369.jpg
51.7.11 The interior and rim are black, except for two reserved bands on the interior, at the top and bottom of the lip. Just under the rim is a laurel wreath, facing to the right. A palmette fills the space beneath each black handle; a series of dots mark each handle zone. The scene on each side is bordered by two tendrils that emerge from the ground, in most cases flanked by two smaller tendrils; at the centre of each large tendril is a volute, from which spring two demi-palmettes. Side A: Wreathed, draped Apollo stands in 3/4-view to the right, holding a laurel branch in his right hand and a phiale and fillet in his upraised left hand. He faces a white-haired, bearded Papposilen, who stands in profile to the left. The Papposilen wears a taenia on his head, an animal skin (nebris) over a shaggy-white body suit, and slippers. He holds a mirror in his upraised left hand and a lyre and a fillet in his lowered left hand. Above him is bust of a goddess, probably Hera (or Leto, or Cyllene?), with her face in profile to the right, enclosed within a window, outlined in white. She wears a high crown and jewellry and holds a sceptre in front of her left shoulder. There are ivy leaves in the field. Side B: Two standing, draped youths, facing each other and wearing wreaths. The left figure has a 'V' drape on his chest and his left hand is barely visible; the right hand of the right figure emerges from his himation; he holds a branch out to his companion. Beneath the scenes is a band of right-facing waves. The lower body and foot are black, except for a reserved band on a groove at the top of the vertical surface of the foot, and the reserved underside. 2004.80.0002.jpg
51.7.16 Black mouth inside out, except for reserved top surface of the rim, exterior of handles, interior reserved and underside of the foot black; Between the handles are double (mirrored) lotus-enclosed palmette friezes, enclosed between red lines. Below the ridge at the base of the neck are alternating red and black tongues. Beneath each handle is a vegetal design comprised of three lotus buds, each arranged at right angles to each other, so that their stems form a diamond that encircles a dot, yet extend to four palmettes (two above and two below) that flank the figural zone. Beneath the figural zone is a series of friezes: two lines; a maeander (Greek key) to left; two lines; a frieze of upright leaves interlinked by arcuated stems; two lines; rays extending from the base. The preserved part of the base is entirely black. Side A shows a quadriga (four horse chariot) wheeling around, so that the front of the horses seem to pass a crouching warrior holding out a spear at a near horizontal. The helmeted charioteer holds a large shield. Side B shows a helmeted warrior, standing between two attendants. The warrior holds a shield with a lion-head sema, wears a chlamys, and holds a pair of spears at right angles. The (male) onlookers, both bearded, wear himatia that enclose their arms, and each holds a staff upright. Detail is incised on both designs. Top of foot and side are black and the underneath is concave and black. Added red on horses' manes and the contour of the shield. 2001.99.0160.jpg
L.2005.7.13 Obv: Bearded male head (Zeus?), hair bound with taenia. Rev: Square labyrinth. 2006.98.0014.jpg
L.2011.1.56 Raised frontal image of a bearded man in a short tunic and hat, holding a rectangular shield in his left hand and leaning on a (?) club with his right, and with a wheel on his left hand side 2011.96.0089.jpg
L.2012.9.1 The discus contains a frontal, bearded figure of Zeus Sarapis behind an eagle with outstretched wings. A continuous border of volutes, possibly foliate, interspersed with dots with volutes enclosing the round nozzle. Three swastikas evenly spaced around the underside of the lamp. 2013.99.0097.jpg
L.2016.3.28 Obverse: Portrait head of Zeus to the right, bearded and wearing a diadem, reverse: thunderbolt with two letters around the centre.
L.2016.3.30 Obverse: Portrait head of bearded Heracles to the right, reverse: bow and club with Greek letters below
REDMG:1953.25.101 Hollow figure showing head and shoulders of bearded male figure, head tilted to one side. Possibly a satyr(?). Coarse material with small stone inclusions. 2006.20.0450.jpg
TEMP.2002.9.2 Larger piece (1) is made of three fragments and shows the top of the front panel with a pattern of horizontal palmettes with dots in field above a scene of a woman, with head covered, facing a youth wearing a long tunic and holding a long stick (?). The vertical panel pattern on the left hand side is of two dots, staggered and joined by a line. Detail picked out in watery glaze and black. The inside surface of both pieces is almost ribbed and the glaze is streaky. The smaller piece (2) has remains of a thick handle with a palmette pattern below it. The design on the front has the same horizontal and vertical panels as the other piece but has an old (bearded) man facing left also in long tunic. Both pieces bend upwards to what would have been the mouth and there is a possibility this would have been trefoil shaped.
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