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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "beige"
13.10.19 Interior reddish brown colour, exterior a light beige to salmon coloured. No indiction of a pattern. 2008.99.0140.jpg
2008.7.167 Exterior: beige slip overpainted by remnants of three parallel horizontal reddish-brown lines; rim: probably had one reddish-brown line; interior: beige slip overpainted by vertical reddish-brown designs, not quite linear.
2008.7.184 Exterior: reddish beige slip overpainted by 11 horizontal thin red lines
2008.7.200 Exterior: light beige wash over entire fragment, two thin brown/black parrallel overpainted lines at one end of the fragment
2008.7.23 Exterior: beige slip overpainted by two parallel horizontal thick (0.6) brown lines outlined in black, two thick curved brown figures outlined in black, one small egg-shaped black mark. Interior: bottom third dark-brown to black, upper two thirds probably reddish-brown but heavily chipped and worn.
2008.7.24 Exterior beige slip overpainted by 12 parallel horizontal reddish-brown lines of uniform thickness (0.1). Interior reddish-brown slip.
2008.7.25 Exterior beige glaze overpainted by two black lines and one brown line (darker in the middle). Interior glazed black.
2008.7.28 Exterior: beige glaze overpainted by black horizontal line just under the rim, also four (three thin, one thick) parallel black lines running at a steep angle down from the rim. Rim: five thick black lines parallel to each other and perpendicular to the rim.
2008.7.29 Exterior glazed beige; interior glazed beige with white overpainted.
2008.7.34 Exterior glazed black overpainted by five horizontal parallel lines on the bottom half of the fragment. Three are brown, two are beige. The colors alternate. Interior glazed black.
TEMP.2003.7.36 Fragment, clay beige colour. Side b has a small area of black at the bottom. Side a has a small area of black at the top, and a little at the bottom, with an area of red int the middle.
TEMP.2003.7.5 Curved and painted on both sides. The "outer" concave side is painted light beige with two small brown bands running lengthwise along it. One band has another smaller brown band (about twice as thin) running beside it throughout the fragment. The other band has a smiliar smaller band, but only measuring about a quarter of the length and running off into the edge. The "inner" convex side is painted dark brown with two white bands running lengthwise. One of the white bands is dashed, while the other is complete.
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