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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "bending"
2007.10.2.113 Two men talking to a warrior. There is a pot on the floor and one of the men is bending over to put something into the pot.
2008.2.1.49 Clothed woman walking amoung naked men, some of whom are bending over either to pick up or put down flowers behind her, and one of which stands in front of her handing her flowers. Tree in the background.
2009.8.26 A woman standing on a pole or tree. One hand placed on the pole bending her head. There is an inscription. Cast number: 39
2009.9.50 Two cranes looking for food. One is bending its head down, the other is clapping its wings. Cast number: 64
50.4.11 Black glaze is rather silvered. Rim offset outside and inside. Two oblong, horizontal handles bending upwards, one higher than the other. Resting surface and underside of the base are reserved with a dot and black painted band around it. Foot is moulded in ridges. 2010.98.0312.jpg
E.62.4 A small limestone tablet with the image of a monkey holding its young. It is square in shape although this appears to because the adult monkey's head has been removed. There is a hole in the centre at the top of the artefact presumably so it could be hung up. The adult monkey is bending it's knees to reduce its height which also gives the idea of closeness between the two creatures. The underside of the artefact has the same image only in reverse and with less detail. There is red pigment remaining on both sides around the feet particularly. 2002.98.0241.jpg
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