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There are 15 objects for which Decoration contains "boar"
14.9.78 Design in black indicates hind leg of a quadruped, (boar?) To the right of this is an area of black on the right and bottom edge of the fragment, with thin red lines at right angles to this. 2003.46.0069.jpg
2007.10.1.10 Hercules defeating the Erymanthian Boar with a club, before capturing it.
2007.10.2.103 Man riding a horse. Under the horse is a wild boar which the man looks to be trying to spear.
2007.10.2.170 Female boar, profile facing right
2007.10.2.345 Dual profile of a man and a boar, they seem to be connected and facing opposite directions.
2007.9.3.15 Displays the head of a bald bearded man, facing left, with the face of a boar appearing out of the back of his head.
2009.10.2.124 Diana of Ephesus pictured holding animals on each arm, including a cat, a boar and horses are behind her. Number 56.
2009.9.125 One naked child sitting on a bear or a boar holding a whip or a stick, wearing a cloak. Another child is sitting in front of the animal, pulling its tongue and holding a torch in his hand. Cast number: 59
2009.9.127 A naked winged child covering a boar. In the background a tree. Cast number: 61
2009.9.188 A hunting scene. Three men killing a boar with spears. On each side are two trees. Maybe a scene from the Meleager myth. Cast number: 23
2009.9.189 A naked young men wearing a cloak, killing a boar with a spear. Meleager killing the Calydonian boar. Cast number: 24
2009.9.191 A two face head. The one looking to the right is a human face, the other is the head of a boar. Refering to Meleager and the Calydonian Hunt. Cast number: 26
28.9.1 Black inside rim but reserved in body. Neck is black. Shoulder is reasonably flat and has red and black tongues above a combat scene of seven warriors. Incised white and added red detail. Two horizontal handles all black, as is back of body. Front has panel belween two rows of ivy leaves. Scene is of horses and warriors facing right. Warriors are not mounted on horses but stood behind. Below this is a panel showing a lion facing a boar between palmettes. Bands above and below this. Black band to rays at foot. Side of foot is black half way with bottom half reserved. Base reserved. 2003.44.0002.jpg
31.6.1 Inside is black with a reserved band around rim and a central reserved circle with a black band and a black dot in the centre. Two rounded handles, black on the top and reserved underneath. Offset rim, is black and a small ridge separates this from the first bands of lotus and palmettes linked by chains with dots between. Below this is a band with group of narrow bands either side. Next band has animals (panther and horse / deer / goat / boar) some standing, some sitting and some appear to be fighting. Finally there is a red band with a group of black bands either side. Final band has rays, alternately oblique and outlined. Bands then red band around top of stem and black foot on top and side. Resting surface is reserved and the base is conical with a black band around rim. 2003.97.0857.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.37 Ridge at base of neck. Main design is of a boar running to the left. Uneven, streaky black line around base. Foot is black on top and side but reserved on resting surface and raised base.
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