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There are 5 objects for which Decoration contains "boeotian"
2005.8.3 Obv.: Boeotian shield; Rev.: Kantharos
2005.8.4 Obv: Boeotian shield. Rev: Kantharos. Inscription
2005.8.5 Obv: Boeotian shield. Rev: Kantharos.
2005.8.6 Obv: Boeotian shield. Rev: Cluster of grapes
91.12.5A-E (a)-(c) Boeotian half-drachmae, late 5th/early 4th c.; (d) Boeotian quarter obol(?), late 5th/early 4th c.; (e) Athenian obol, c.450BC.. 2008.02.0129.jpg
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