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There are 54 objects for which Decoration contains "bow"
2007.10.2.102 Naked male figure leaning on a column to his right. In his hand he carries a bow and on the floor is a lyre leaning against the column.
2007.10.2.107 Male figure holding a bow. To his right is a column with the bottom half in the shape of a female.
2007.10.2.211 The outine of the front of a temple, depicting a pediment resting on two columns. A female figure covering most of the space in between holds a bow.
2007.10.2.229 A naked male figure carrying a club in his right hand and a bow in the left hand, (possibly Heracles)
2007.10.2.241 Single figure of a young winged (male) child holding a bow and club in his left hand, the club rests over his shoulder. His quivver is possibly depicted on the ground at his feet. The figure is presumably Eros or Cupid, although the club is an unusual addition (possibly indicating the imitation of Herakles, as in examples found at Pompeii).
2007.10.2.242 A tall and slender female figure carrying a bow and depicted with a stag, possibly identifying the figure as Artemis. The unusual dress might suggest that the gem showed an unknown female depicted as Artemis.
2007.10.2.253 Two figures are depicted. The figure to the left of the scene is a seated semi-naked female. Her dress or cloak lays across her lap and is gathered up in her left hand. Her head is bowed slightly. In the centre of the foreground is a semi-circle which crosses the female figure's left ankle or calf. It is unclear what this might represent. The second figure (to the right) is a smaller winged male facing to the left and the larger figure. He appears to be carrying a bow and stands under a tree. The two figures are almost certainly Aphrodite and Eros.
2007.10.2.309 Bust of a figure (male?) in profile facing right. The figure has long hair and wears a wreath (which type is not clear). He is dressed in a tunic which is fastened at the right shoulder, although the right side of the chest is revealed and appears quite muscular. There is some vague detail at both his back and chest. These appear to be a quivver and a bow, which would almost certainly identify the figure as Apollo.
2007.10.2.502 Cast is made concave, has the image of possibly outline of a temples fround, with wreath at the top of the arch. There is a figure inside, holding a bow in its left hand and possibly reaching for an arrow from its back with its right hand. This is possibly Apollo.
2007.9.2.7 Displays a winged man, crouching down on one knee, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow at his feet are visible, whilst a woman reclines on the ground, only her lower half covered in cloth, resting her upper body agaist his knee. (Box Index = Amore e Psiche or Love and Psyche). Box 5, Layer 1, Gem 7
2007.9.3.52 Kneeling male with a sword, possibly with bow and arrow across his back.
2007.9.3.54 Naked male figure holding a sword and a bow. He is embarking or disembarking a boat.
2008.2.1.41 A small naked and winged male figure in frontal aspect facing slightly to the right. The figure is holding a bow and a club (which is resting upon his left shoulder)in his left hand. At the feet of the figure on the right side of the cast is a quivver.
2008.2.1.89 On the right there is a standing woman holding a spear in her right hand and a shield on the ground with her left. She is wearing a type of headdress (possibly a helmet) and could either be robed or naked. to her right there is a standing animal, possibly a sheep, on top of whom is standing a winged cherub holding a bow and arrow, possibly cupid. On the far left of the cast there is a large stalk of corn.
2009.10.2.111 Artemis sitting with bow and arrow. Number 43.
2009.10.2.116 Artemis pictured hunting a deer with bow and arrow. Number 48.
2009.10.2.130 Portrait of a woman in profile, wearing a headband and a bow (Artemis) Number 2
2009.10.2.201 Naked man and woman ride a lion, they appear to be holding a bow and arrow. there is an inscription beneath.
2009.10.2.227 Nude female figure (? Artemis) leaning on a pillar and holding a bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right hand. Number 17
2009.10.2.239 Clothed female figure, walking with flowing drapery holding plants in her left hand and a bow and arrow in her right. Accompanied by a winged Eros holding an arrow and with a quiver. Number 29
2009.10.2.246 Nude Aphrodite reclining against a pillar with drapery, accompanied by winged Eros. Pillar with objects ontop and a bow and quiver leaning against it. Number 36
2009.10.2.264 Central figure of nude Aphrodite holding an arrow in her right hand and holding a winged Eros' hand in her left, a shield with a face leaning against her left leg and armour on the floor. Winged Eros holding a bow on the right, and kneeling nude Hephaestus on the left with a hammer held above his head and an anvil in front of him. Number 54
2009.10.2.265 Central figure of nude Aphrodite wearing a cloak holding arrows in her left hand, with sitting Hephaestus in front of an anvil on the left holding a hammer above his head,and winged Eros holding a bow on the right. Number 55
2009.10.2.266 Nude standing Aphrodite holding a torch and another object, with a satyr on the right holding an object, and Eros with a bow and a seated Hephaestus on the left holding a hammer above his head with an anvil in front of him. Number 56
2009.10.2.273 Nude male figure holding a large shield in his left hand, with armour at his feet, accompanied by a semi-nude female figure wearing a cloak or necklace and holding a bow in her right hand. Number 63
2009.10.2.274 Nude male figure on the right with drapery (? and a spear) on the right, passing a spherical object with a nude (?) female figure on the left, with a pillar on the far left. A small child is stood between them holding a bow. Number 64
2009.10.2.318 A scene showing Herakles, club and bow in hand, standing victorious over a giant.
2009.10.2.369 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He stands near a pillar with a bird on it and a snake wrapped around it. A dog stands at his feet and there is a star above his head. Number 25
2009.10.2.370 Male figure wearing a cloak and helmet, holding a bow and arrow. He is standing near a pillar with a bird on top and a snake wrapped around it. A also dog stands at his feet. Number 26
2009.10.2.371 Male figure wearing a cloak and a helmet, holding a bow and arrow, standing near a pillar with a snake wrapped around it. number 27
2009.10.2.402 Bearded male centaur rearing up on his back legs and aiming a bow and arrow to the right. Number 58
2009.10.2.504 A scene showing Herakles (distinguished by his club) shooting three birds (possibly the Stymphalian birds) with a bow.
2009.10.2.84 Figure of naked standing man looking to his left, holding a bow with a harp at his feet. Gem Cast Number - 16
2009.10.2.86 Figure of naked man holding a harp and a bow, standing behind Eros, who is to his right and holding arrows. Gem Cast Number - 18
2009.10.2.87 Standing figure of a naked man with a bow and arrow, looking to his right. Number - 19
2009.8.14 Aphrodite wearing a cloak around her waist. Cupid is standing under a tree with a bow in his hand. There is an inscription next to Aphrodite. Cast number: 3
2009.8.54 Cupid holding his bow, looking over his shoulder. Inscription on the left side. Cast number: 8
2009.8.78 Cupid. A naked child with wings holding a bunch of flowers. Arrow and bow lie on the bottom. Cast number: 22
2009.9.100 A naked winged young man holding a bow in one hand, with the other he's holding a shield or wheel. Cast number: 33
2009.9.110 A naked winged child only wearing a robe around his shoulders is holding a bow. A quiver is lying to his feet. Cast number: 43
2009.9.124 One child sitting on a bear, another with wings standing in front of them, he is aiming with his bow at the animal. Cast number: 58
2009.9.161 A naked winged child, with a quiver hanging over his shoulder, a bow lying next to his feet, embracing a half naked woman wearing a robe. Maybe Cupid and Psyche. Cast number: 95
2009.9.164 A naked man with wings, a quiver and a bow are lying next to his feet, is kissing a winged half naked woman. Inscription on the right side. Cast number: 98
2009.9.48 Egyptian double-feather crown with a bow underneath it. Cast number: 62
2009.9.75 A young naked man with wings holding a bow. A quiver is leaning against a rock behind the man. Probably Cupid. Cast number: 8
2009.9.83 A naked winged child, kneeling down, aiming at two butterflies with his bow and arrow. Cast number: 16
22.3.33 The fragment bears the depiction of a youth in three-quarter face, while drawing a bow. What is illustrated is the face, except for part of the hair (left side), part of an himation over his left shoulder, the arms (the right one before the hands, the left one before the forearm), the chest and the left side of the abdominals?, behind which emerges the ending of the himation. The cheek and the back have been executed with relief contour, whereas thinned brown glaze has been used for part of the hair. The interior is black, with a reserved band ca. 1 cm wide. 2004.11.0009.jpg
22.3.43 Mouth is black and neck has long black tongues. On front is a female head, wearing a sakkos, or scarf bound around her hair. Her head is flanked by tendrils. Barely visible white paint for radiated stephane and necklace. Bow and ribbons from bun at back of head are black. Ring foot is black, which is unevenly carried on to base. 2003.97.0370.jpg
39.8.4 Inside, framed by reserved line, part of male head with fillet tied in bow over forehead, hair contour reserved, curls: black relief dots on black ground, fillet red. 2003.99.0023.jpg
47.8.1 Inside is reserved except for picture of Heracles in a black corselet over spotted chiton with flame borders. Club in his right hand and bow and arrow in his left. Originally only red for framing circle inside the black band around rim but much has faded to red that was black. Two handles, one either side have been dipped. Outside are dots around rim with band below. Reserved then to resting surface and inner foot-ring which are red. Base is concave and reserved except for small red circle at center. 2005.88.0039.jpg
92.1A-K (a) Bull and lion, facing; (b) Pegasus; (c) Archer: holding bow and spear/arrow(?) with tall helmet, kneeling; (d) stag; (e) Female head: wearing winged helmet; (f) Lion head, small; (g-k) non-identifiable shapes, stamps.
L.2005.7.15 Obv: Bust of Artemis wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder. Rev: Nude Apollo standing on maeander pattern, holding in right hand a branch and resting left elbow against tripod; all within laurel wreath. 2006.98.0003.jpg
L.2005.7.4 Obv: Ear of barley. Rev: Apollo holding long laurel branch and bow 2006.98.0012.jpg
L.2016.3.30 Obverse: Portrait head of bearded Heracles to the right, reverse: bow and club with Greek letters below
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