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There are 9 objects for which Decoration contains "brown/black"
14.9.75 At the top is a triangle of black, with a smaller triangle below leading to a dark brown line. There is a similar line parallel to this one on the left. Both lines are at right angles to a braoder dark brown line. Nestled between two faint brown lines are five white circles with black circles in the centre. There is just a small area of dark brown/black on the bottom right hand corner. Other side is reserved. 2013.04.0007.jpg
2006.12.47 Brown/black pattern on white background featuring two bands about a diamond pattern. 2006.78.0101.jpg
2008.7.174 Exterior: whitish glaze; interior: whitish glaze overpainted by one horizontal black line and four vertical brown/black lines.
2008.7.183 Exterior: beige/white slip with one black line overpainted; interior: brown/black slip.
2008.7.200 Exterior: light beige wash over entire fragment, two thin brown/black parrallel overpainted lines at one end of the fragment
26.2.59 Exterior cream ground with a pattern of thinned golden-brown waves set in between sets of two thin yellow lines which begin ca. 0.2 cm below the rim. Below: top of letters ON probably preceded by E, or T or Greek Gamma. Interior is brown/black with remnants of a white floral pattern (four petals of a rosette), which is heavily worn. 2013.04.0132.jpg
50.12.39 Exterior: thick brown band, from which extend, at a diagonal, two thick curved brown/black bands and one thinner atc. Interior reserved. 2003.98.0085.jpg
50.12.51 Brown/black designs around top and bottom, with black/brown dot in the middle on each side.
TEMP.2003.7.2 Interior white with a pattern of brown waves set in between sets of two thin yellow lines which begin .2 below the rim. There is a small bit of brown that seems to be part of some other pattern at the bottom of the fragment. Interior is brown/black with remnants of a white fan or floral pattern, which is heavily worn. A good deal of the interior is worn down to the original terracotta.
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