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There are 3 objects for which Decoration contains "bulge"
2006.5.27 A bulge on one side 2007.03.0032.jpg
L.2011.1.44 In a lowered band on the shoulder there is a hearth in low-relief, with concentric grooves inside; a piece of a second hearth is on the other side of the bulge. Other decorations in low-relief on the central discus (reversed monogrammed cross?). 2011.97.0278.jpg
REDMG:1951.154 Interior of mouth black; lip decorated with concentric bands (black, reserved, purple, reserved, black); rim black; three brownish-black horizontal bars on handle; neck, reserved for black band just above bulge, frieze of tongues on upper part of bulge; brown band on lower part of bulge; body decorated with purple band, brownish-black band; reserved band decorated with three rows of brownish-black dots; thin purple band between two broader brownish-black bands; reserved on lower part of body and base. 2005.99.0098.jpg
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