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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "bunch"
2007.10.2.4 Side profile of a woman wearing robes and holding up a bunch of grapes with her left arm and holding a bowl in her right hand
2007.10.2.91 Female torso facing forwards. In her hair is a wreath and she clasps her hands together under her breasts. To her right appears to be hanging a bunch of fruit.
2007.9.3.4 Displays a cherub holding a bunch of grapes, and a chicken(?).
2008.2.1.39 Frontal depiction of a small winged male figure with wings spread. The figure is holding what appears to be a container in his left hand. The figure seems to be dangling what is possibly a bunch of grapes over a bird (possibly a goose).
2009.10.2.131 Woman in profile, holding a bunch of wheat (Demeter) Number 3
2009.10.2.132 Woman in profile, holding a bunch of wheat (Demeter). Number 4
2009.10.2.133 Woman in profile holding a bunch of wheat (Demeter) Number 5
2009.10.2.194 A naked soldier with shield and helmet is holding what might be a bunch of grapes over the head of Eros who is attempting to cease them. A deer tugs at the soldier's shield from behind. Number 66
2009.8.222 A moon, a cornucopia and a caduceus. Maybe a bunch of thunderbolts. Cast number: 13
2009.8.78 Cupid. A naked child with wings holding a bunch of flowers. Arrow and bow lie on the bottom. Cast number: 22
27.4.7 Main design, framed, shows a baby with amulets slung around him and a thread on his ankle, leaning his hands on a table. Facing him is a duck, behind him a chous on the ground, over the table a bunch of grapes. Above the panel egg pattern part of the way around the neck. Otherwise the surface is black, except for the reserved resting surface and raised base. 2003.97.0702.jpg
79.1.15 Handle is the stem of the moulded bunch of grapes, extended from the grapes, to the left, are four round circles resembling fish scales; extended from them are five long, thin leaves resembling feathers. Top right of grapes is an opening; a purpose built hole. 2005.01.0091.jpg
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