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There are 92 objects for which Decoration contains "bust"
2007.10.2.123 Woman's bust. Frontal view.
2007.10.2.125 Woman's bust. Profile facing left. The woman is wearing a veil over her head.
2007.10.2.127 Woman's bust. Frontal view. The woman is wearing a veil over her head and a necklace. On the right of the figure there is a "cornucopia"
2007.10.2.135 Young woman's bust showing her brest. Frontal view.
2007.10.2.139 Male bust, profile facing right, long curley hair and beard, clothed
2007.10.2.141 Female bust, profile facing left, wearing a tunic fastened by a broach on her left shoulder, elaborate hair-style, suggesting nobility
2007.10.2.142 Male/female bust, profile facing left, wearing a veil covering most of head and mouth and just above nose.
2007.10.2.171 Athena, wearing the aegis and a Corinthian helmet. Bust.
2007.10.2.175 Bust of Athena, facing right, wearing a helmet, with a strap across her chest. Holding a cornucopia
2007.10.2.177 Bust of a man blowing a circular horn-like instrument
2007.10.2.178 Female bust. Profile facing right. Looking towards a male bearded face (reminiscent of a dramatic mask).
2007.10.2.183 Male bust, profile facing left bearded, bear chested, wearing a helmet, with a spear (?)
2007.10.2.184 Bearded male bust, wearing a helmet
2007.10.2.212 A female bust in profile facing right.
2007.10.2.214 Bust of smiling middle-aged woman. Elaborate hair-style.
2007.10.2.215 Bust of middle-aged or older woman. Possibly smiling or laughing. Frontal aspect possibly revealing her left breast. Elaborate hair-style.
2007.10.2.217 Bust of female from behind (3/4) facing to the right. Hair loose. Dress pulled down revealing the shoulders.
2007.10.2.220 Bust of female in profile facing to the left.
2007.10.2.222 Bust of male in profile facing the right wearing a helmet. Helmet decorated with an animal, possibly a big cat (lion etc).
2007.10.2.224 Bust of figure facing to the right wearing what appears to be a 'Phrygian Cap' or possibly a helmet. Clothing suggests that the figure might be female (possibly Athena if the head dress is in fact a helmet). Not enough of hair-style visible to conclusively decide gender.
2007.10.2.225 Frontal bust of young female figure (3/4). Facing to the right. Loose hair (possibly wet). Dress fixed with broach or clasp at the shoulder.
2007.10.2.227 Bust of possibly Athena's profile facing right, wearing a helmet and the aegis.
2007.10.2.230 A bust of a figure's profile facing right showing the back of the shoulder, possibly a woman. She is touching her long hair with her right hand and wearing some form of headpiece.
2007.10.2.233 Bust of a woman, profile facing right, with long curly hair.
2007.10.2.239 Bust of young female figure facing to the right. Her hair is gathered in a pony tail.
2007.10.2.240 Bust of a female figure facing to the right. Her hair is tied up. There is possibly a double-headed (battle) axe represented at her back.
2007.10.2.252 The bust of what appears to be a woman in rear 3/4 aspect with her head turned back and to the right so that her face is presented in profile.
2007.10.2.254 Bust of an older male figure in high relief. He has a philosopher's beard and curly hair. His high forehead might indicate that he is balding. Clothing is evident draped over his left shoulder.
2007.10.2.256 Bust of a woman facing right with a headscarf on.
2007.10.2.258 Bust facing forward of a young figure, possibly male with curly hair.
2007.10.2.282 Bust of a man facing to the left, he has pointed ears an a smile on his face, possibly has horns as well, could be a faun.
2007.10.2.309 Bust of a figure (male?) in profile facing right. The figure has long hair and wears a wreath (which type is not clear). He is dressed in a tunic which is fastened at the right shoulder, although the right side of the chest is revealed and appears quite muscular. There is some vague detail at both his back and chest. These appear to be a quivver and a bow, which would almost certainly identify the figure as Apollo.
2007.10.2.328 Bust of Zeus
2007.10.2.351 Bust of a plump woman with long curly hair
2007.10.2.81 Female bust facing right. She is holding a male head up to her face. Presumably she has cut it off.
2007.10.2.83 Female bust in profile facing left. She has a quiver (arrow holder) on her back. Likely to be Artemis.
2007.10.2.88 Male bust in profile facing right. He rests his chin upon his hand.
2007.9.2.17 Displays a seated woman sitting in front of a column topped by the bust of a man, upon which her left hand rests, whilst in her right hand she holds a pen. (Box Index = Goddess Happiness with the portrait of His Excellence Prince Zizindorph).
2007.9.3.103 Bust of bearded male in profile facing right. Probably Asclepius as he holds a staff with a snake wound around it.
2007.9.3.110 Male bust in profile facing right. He has a comic mask to his right, implying association with the theatre.
2007.9.3.119 Male bust in profile facing left. He wears a cape with a broach.
2007.9.3.120 Male bust in profile facing right. He is wearing a helmet.
2007.9.3.127 Male bust in profile facing right. He is wearing armour and has a wreath in his hair.
2007.9.3.148 Female bust in profile facing right.
2007.9.3.152 Bust of a mature male in profile facing right. He has a wreath round his head.
2007.9.3.153 Female bust in profile facing right. Her hair is tied up.
2007.9.3.157 Female bust facing forward. Her hair is worn loose. There is a column in the background.
2007.9.3.159 Female bust in profile. She appears to be holding something in her arms.
2007.9.3.39 Bust of Athena in profile facing left. She is wearing her characteristic armour, including her aegis.
2007.9.3.41 Male bust in profile facing right. He looks to be wearing a helmet tied under the chin.
2007.9.3.42 Female bust in 3/4 profile, facing right. She has short/tied up hair and her breasts are exposed.
2007.9.3.43 Female bust facing forward with the head tilted slightly to the right.
2007.9.3.69 Bust of a young male with curly hair, facing right.
2007.9.3.76 Male bust in profile facing right. He has a wreath of leaves on his head.
2007.9.3.80 Female bust in profile facing left. Her hair is tied up. She looks to be wearing some sort of headband.
2007.9.3.88 Young female bust in profile facing right. Her hair is up and she appears to be wearing some sort of crown.
2007.9.3.89 Male bust in profile facing left.
2008.2.1.105 Profile bust of a Female wearing head wear, with an ornate hair style and head band.
2008.2.1.17 Male bust in 3/4 profile facing right.
2008.2.1.19 Male bust facing forward.
2008.2.1.32 Bust of a woman with her face turned slightly to her left. Her hair curly and covered by a head-dress. One breast is exposed.
2008.2.1.45 The bust of a female figure front on with her head turned slightly to the right. Her hair is tied up and there appears to be a band around her head. The figure appears to winged.
2008.2.1.47 Profile bearded male bust, possibly Homer or philosopher
2008.2.1.48 Profile bust of woman with braided or curly hair
2008.2.1.55 Profile bust of a bearded bald man wearing a crown of leaves with the start of his robe collar shown at the bottom left.
2008.2.1.66 Bust of a male figure facing to the right. Over the figure's right shoulder is a shield with an image of a Medusa upon it. A spear is visible over the figure's left shoulder. Upon the figure's head is a helmet decorated with a griffin.
2008.2.1.72 Bust of bearded male figure with what appears to be a snake wrapped around shoulders.
2008.2.1.77 Bust of a clothed older male figure. The figure is bearded with a band tied in his hair.
2008.2.1.79 Bust of a older male figure. The figure is bearded and has his hair tie with a band. There is a robe covering his left shoulder.
2008.2.1.81 Bust of a elderley robed man with beard
2008.2.1.83 Bust elderly male. Moustache and beard. Inscription on base of bust.
2008.2.1.86 Bust of an elderly male on a plinth with a beard and hair.
2008.2.1.87 An elderly bearded man with an indiscernable inscription on the base of the bust.
2009.10.189 Bust of laughing man, probably Silenus.
2009.10.2.185 Bust of a woman with long hair and wearing a laurel wreath.
2009.10.2.186 Bust of a woman or effeminate man.
2009.10.2.187 Bust of laughing man possibly a silenus.
2009.10.2.188 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 60
2009.10.2.189 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 61
2009.10.2.190 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 62
2009.10.2.191 Bust of a large-breasted woman, possibly laughing. Number 63
2009.10.2.192 Bust of a laughing man, possibly Silenus. Number 64
2009.10.2.345 figure of a man seated he is bald with a beard, and working on a bust ontop of a pedistal. Number 1.
2009.9.249 Bust of a half-bald man with a beard and a bare chest, wearing a cloak. There is an inscription at the bottom of the bust. Cast number: 89
2009.9.254 Profile of a man with a wreath in his long wavy hair, looking right at a bust of a man with a feather (?) in his hair. Cast number: 94
22.3.16BIS Inside reserved. Outside: bust of woman with arm outstretched left; postion of tendril. Slight trace of ruddle. Patch of black inside, overflowed from rim. 2004.73.0096.jpg
45.10.9 A: Draped youth playing pipes and draped man holding a branch; B: group, probably in a procession, including a draped youth with a staff and a draped man with a branch. The interior is reserved. The details that form the folds of the figure(s) drapery are rendered with thin, black and red lines. a) Black with part of a tongue motif on the top (tongues flanked by thin lines, on a reserved but glazed band). b) Part of a draped male figure's neck, shoulder and bust. c) Part of the figure's himation folds. d) Lower part of a male figure's drapery folds and part of feet? (carelessly rendered). e) Part of a draped figure's folds, next to a black area. f) Part of a draped figure's folds. g) Part of a figure's arm, forearm and hand, with the largest part of a flute. h) On the right side there is part of a figure's drapery folds. On a black area on the left side there is a figure's hand that holds a komos or sprig with added white, short diagonal lines around it. i) On top of a meander pattern with a black line on top there is part of a red band with traces of thin, black lines (a figure's foot?). j) On the left, there is part of a figure's drapery folds and part of his walking-stick. On the right side there is part of another figure's folds?
51.7.11 The interior and rim are black, except for two reserved bands on the interior, at the top and bottom of the lip. Just under the rim is a laurel wreath, facing to the right. A palmette fills the space beneath each black handle; a series of dots mark each handle zone. The scene on each side is bordered by two tendrils that emerge from the ground, in most cases flanked by two smaller tendrils; at the centre of each large tendril is a volute, from which spring two demi-palmettes. Side A: Wreathed, draped Apollo stands in 3/4-view to the right, holding a laurel branch in his right hand and a phiale and fillet in his upraised left hand. He faces a white-haired, bearded Papposilen, who stands in profile to the left. The Papposilen wears a taenia on his head, an animal skin (nebris) over a shaggy-white body suit, and slippers. He holds a mirror in his upraised left hand and a lyre and a fillet in his lowered left hand. Above him is bust of a goddess, probably Hera (or Leto, or Cyllene?), with her face in profile to the right, enclosed within a window, outlined in white. She wears a high crown and jewellry and holds a sceptre in front of her left shoulder. There are ivy leaves in the field. Side B: Two standing, draped youths, facing each other and wearing wreaths. The left figure has a 'V' drape on his chest and his left hand is barely visible; the right hand of the right figure emerges from his himation; he holds a branch out to his companion. Beneath the scenes is a band of right-facing waves. The lower body and foot are black, except for a reserved band on a groove at the top of the vertical surface of the foot, and the reserved underside. 2010.99.0139.jpg
64.7.1 Black band on the interior of the rim, underneath of which a red line. On the interior, bust of a female figure drawn in outline and shown in profile to the left. She has a freckled face (six spots rather than the usual three found on faces in the Sam Wide Group). Her hair is bound up with a spotted kekryphylon (scarf) tied over her forehead. She wears a pine-cone shaped earring and a beaded necklace. Her drapery is clumsily rendered: a himation decorated with a banded (tongues?) border (shown on her left shoulder) over a thin dark chiton (shown on her right shoulder). She holds a thymiaterion (incense burner) out of which streams some smoke (six strands in diluted glaze). The remaining handle is dipped black on the side. On the exterior of the rim, a frieze of black tongues below the rim, with a thin line below. The foot is reserved, except for the interior of the sloping ring. 2007.01.0170.jpg
L.2005.7.15 Obv: Bust of Artemis wearing stephane; bow and quiver at shoulder. Rev: Nude Apollo standing on maeander pattern, holding in right hand a branch and resting left elbow against tripod; all within laurel wreath. 2006.98.0003.jpg
TEMP.2003.8.65 Within a frame, a man's bust facing right. The man has a large nose, is veiled and wears a robe over his shoulders. The frame is decorated with incised horizontal lines on either side of the man, small flowers in each corner, a curtian above, and a circle in the centre. 2006.20.0535.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.74 Obverse: Bust of Caracalla as a boy Reverse: Caracalla standing dressed as a soldier holding orb and spear 2007.99.0189.jpg
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