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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "caesar"
2009.8.228 Profile of a woman with wavy hair, looking left. The top of her dress can be seen. Inscriptions on the left side. Could be referring either to Julia, the sister of Julius Caesar or Julia, the daughter of Augustus. Cast number: 19
TEMP.2003.7.47 Obverse: head of Augustus Caesar, facing right, wearing a laurel wreath. Reverse: a man riding a horse and holding a sword. 2008.02.0105.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.49 Obverse: Head of Julius Caesar, facing right, inscribed (behind head) 'Julius'. Reverse: the bare head of Augustus, facing right, inscribed (around head) 'Caesar. Divi. F.' 2008.02.0117.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.50 Obverse:head of Drusus Caesar, encircled by words; Reverse: SC in centre with text surrounding 2008.02.0086.jpg
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