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There are 14 objects for which Decoration contains "cape"
2007.1.2A Soldier with an Attic helmet, holding a cape over his left arm. 2007.7.0002.jpg
2007.10.2.138 Standing man, profile facing right, wearing a cape and un-Greek looking clothes, with a strange head-cover, looking at a statue of a naked man.
2007.10.2.151 Young male trying to push away an enormous rock on the left. His cape is risen by the air revealing his naked body tense in the muscular effort.
2007.10.2.154 Warrior on horse-back. He is carrying a long spear and an oval shield and wears a cape. The horse is standing on its two back legs.
2007.10.2.158 Young male standing in profile. He wears only a cape and carries a stick in one hand and a woman's head in the other. At his feet there is a sort of small container open.
2007.10.2.159 Two figures. A man wearing a cape is on his knees and is holding the naked body of a woman. At his feet there is a club suggesting that he is probably Heracles (killing the Amazon Hippolyte?)
2007.10.2.219 2 male figures, one seated (left figure) and one standing (right figure). Seated figure carrying a staff, possibly denoting older age or social class. Standing figure is wearing a cape, possibly suggesting that he, or both figures, are travellers. He also appears to be stirring a pot at the feet of both figures. On the far right of the scene there is a pole with a serpent wrapped around it.
2007.10.2.340 A soldier, wearing nothing but a cape and a helmet, standing looking at what appears to be his armour.
2007.9.3.102 Warrior with cape, helmet, shield and spear admiring a statue of a goddess.
2007.9.3.119 Male bust in profile facing left. He wears a cape with a broach.
2007.9.3.68 Young man with curly hair and a cape.
2009.10.2.63 Figure of Poseidon wearing a cape, whilst holding a gazelle. Number 63.
2009.10.2.8 Figure of a man wearing a hat and a cape, holding a round object in right hand. By his feet are two pictures, the left is perhaps a scroll and the right an animal. Number 8
2009.9.128 A figure with a stick and a cape sitting on a lion. Cast number: 62
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