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There are 81 objects for which Decoration contains "carrying"
2003.8.29 Photo of two Arab women carrying water with children.
2007.1.10.61 Full body portrait of woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.1.10.62 Full body portrait of a woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.10.1.11 Naked man carrying a child to a pot which contains another child
2007.10.2.104 Naked male figure facing left. He is carrying something, possibly a small child, in his arms.
2007.10.2.111 2 warriors with shields and a naked male figure standing between them (he may also be a warrior but he isn't wearing any armour and he isn't carrying a shield). The warrior on the right is moving behind a wall so only 1 leg and his shield is visible.
2007.10.2.126 Male nude. Profile facing left. The man is sitting down and resting his head on his right hand. He his carrying a sward. On the left side there is an inscription in Greek letters.
2007.10.2.147 3 male figures, and a cow. All warriors with shields and armour, the predominent figure bringing cow to an altar, carrying a vessel or bowl.
2007.10.2.153 Three figures. A man, naked, is sitting on the floor. Behind him a woman (naked as well?) is sitting on a chair touching his shoulders with one hand and carrying something in the other. Above the man's head a winged-child is pouring water from a vase.
2007.10.2.154 Warrior on horse-back. He is carrying a long spear and an oval shield and wears a cape. The horse is standing on its two back legs.
2007.10.2.162 Male walking and carrying a dead animal on his shoulders. Nude, entire figure. Profile facing right.
2007.10.2.195 A naked man with a clothe draped over his left shoulder, carrying what appears to be a dead animal.
2007.10.2.196 Cupid carrying a feather in his right hand, and something else in his left hand.
2007.10.2.219 2 male figures, one seated (left figure) and one standing (right figure). Seated figure carrying a staff, possibly denoting older age or social class. Standing figure is wearing a cape, possibly suggesting that he, or both figures, are travellers. He also appears to be stirring a pot at the feet of both figures. On the far right of the scene there is a pole with a serpent wrapped around it.
2007.10.2.229 A naked male figure carrying a club in his right hand and a bow in the left hand, (possibly Heracles)
2007.10.2.235 Two figures, both facing towards us, one standing behind the other. The one on the foreground is a warrior, possibly a Greek soldier (because he's naked) carrying a spear and shield and wearing a helmet. Behind him is a fully clothed figure, possibly a goddess.
2007.10.2.236 A powerfully built male figure kneeling with one arm (right) raised, his hand making a fist. The other arm is lowered and appears to bound (possibly) behind his back. His head is bowed. The figure appears to have a small winged figure upon his back. It is not clear if he is carrying the second figure or if there is some sort of struggle in process.
2007.10.2.242 A tall and slender female figure carrying a bow and depicted with a stag, possibly identifying the figure as Artemis. The unusual dress might suggest that the gem showed an unknown female depicted as Artemis.
2007.10.2.253 Two figures are depicted. The figure to the left of the scene is a seated semi-naked female. Her dress or cloak lays across her lap and is gathered up in her left hand. Her head is bowed slightly. In the centre of the foreground is a semi-circle which crosses the female figure's left ankle or calf. It is unclear what this might represent. The second figure (to the right) is a smaller winged male facing to the left and the larger figure. He appears to be carrying a bow and stands under a tree. The two figures are almost certainly Aphrodite and Eros.
2007.10.2.266 Three men, semi-naked carrying shields, piled on and alongside each other, possibly the result of a battle.
2007.10.2.297 Naked male figure facing to the right and carrying, or struggling with, an animal (possibly a goat).
2007.10.2.343 A naked soldier wearing a helmet raised on his head so his face is visible and he is carrying a shield and a spear. He is reaching for a statue of a woman in armour, possibly Athena.
2007.10.2.357 A sea monster with the torso and head of a woman and many legs, possibly in the form of snakes, with wild beasts emerging from her body. She's carrying an oar like a weapon. There's a person tangled in her tentacle-like legs. She could be a representation of Scylla.
2007.10.2.56 A hunter carrying a staff with dead animals hanging from it.
2007.10.2.66 Naked young male figure wearing a cloak and carrying a staff.
2007.10.2.70 2 winged infants. 1 is carrying a lantern.
2007.10.2.73 Winged infant carrying a stick with animals hanging off it.
2007.10.2.76 Male figure carrying a staff, possibly wearing a theatrical mask.
2007.10.2.87 Female figure facing right, carrying something over her shoulder.
2007.10.2.97 2 figures, 1 of which appears to be half man and half snake. The hybrid seems to be carrying the other figure. To the left is an inscription.
2007.9.1.25 Displaying a human figure carrying a staff and a ceramic vessel, profile facing left.
2007.9.1.32 Displays a winged man carrying a trident riding a hippocampus, facing left.
2007.9.1.33 Displays a very fine image of a half naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, standing next to a pedestal and carrying a spherical object.
2007.9.1.38 Displays the figure of a medieval knight, mid stride, wearing a helmet and carrying a sword, facing right.
2007.9.1.50 Displays the figure of a man carrying a stick standing behind a cow. A small tree can be seen in the background.
2007.9.1.52 Displays a naked man, bent over slightly, facing right, and carrying a spear and long, unidentifiable object.
2007.9.1.79 Displays a human figure, facing left, carrying a sword and a shield.
2007.9.2.1 Displays a winged woman in flight, holding flowers in her hands, and carrying a naked child on her back who is holding a torch aloft in his right hand. (Box Index = Personification of Morning/Day). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 1
2007.9.2.10 Displays a man, wearing armour and a wreath and carrying a spear, and a winged woman who is leaning forward, riding in a four-horse chariot. All horses are rearing up. Surrounded by a leafy border. Layer 5, Layer 1, Gem 10
2007.9.2.2 Displays the seated figures of a man and a woman on the left hand side, with a shield bearing the image of two arrows in the foreground, whilst a mostly naked soldier weraing a helmet and cloak and carrying a spear stands on the right hand side. (Box Index = Hektor reprimanding Paris). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 2
2007.9.2.3 Displays a winged woman in flight, her head bowed, and carrying two naked children in her arms who appear to be asleep. (Box Index = Personification of Night). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 3
2007.9.3.37 Front facing male nude carrying 'Cornucopia'(Horn of Plenty). Probably a god.
2007.9.3.45 A large man wearing Greek attire and a beard, sacrificing a female infront of another female. Possibly the depiction of Agamemnon sacrificing Iphigenia, his daughter, infront of Clytemnestra (carrying an axe).
2007.9.3.47 Naked male figure - an athlete carrying a discus in his right hand.
2007.9.3.49 Two figures and a baby. Probably Hermes carrying Erichthonius with Athena standing behind him with her spear.
2007.9.3.5 Displays a naked man, carrying a spear and a lion skin.
2008.2.1.43 Three naked and winged figures, two of which are certainly male. Two figures on the left appear to be dancing or struggling. One is positioned behind the other forming a chiastic pattern. The third figure is on the extreme right of the cast, apparently walking away from the scene and carrying what appears to be a lantern.
2008.2.1.95 An active scene with at least 9 discernible male figures. There are two figures on a raised platform on the far left, one standing wearing armour and the other seated wearing robes. In front of them is a gathering of men, some wearing armour, some only wearing the lower half of their armour, and one, possibly two, who is naked carrying a shield. There appears to be a robed shorter figure among them, possibly a child or adolescent. In the background the outline of a columned building can be seen.
2009.10.1.16 Aeneas, wearing armour, carrying his father Anchises and pulling along his son Ascanius. Cast Number - 963
2009.10.2.164 Hermes with caduceus bent over and carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 36
2009.10.2.165 Hermes wearing cloak and carrying caduceus bent over carrying objects (possibly a jar). Number 37
2009.10.2.166 Clothed Hermes carrying a sickle and caduceus and wearing a winged hat and sandals standing near a bull, a bird and a body on the ground (possibly dead). Number 38
2009.10.2.236 Walking female figure with flowing drapery carrying plants, accompanied by winged child carrying a ?spear and another object Number 26
2009.10.2.245 Nude Aphrodite leaning on a pillar and holding a small object in her right hand, accompanied by a winged Eros carrying a torch and offering a wreath to Aphrodite. Number 35
2009.10.2.285 Depicts Hercules standing to his right. He is naked and carrying the skin of a lion, there is a club to the right of the image. Number - 1
2009.10.2.330 A scene showing a man (possibly Herakles) carrying a bull (possibly the Cretan Bull)
2009.10.2.331 A scene shoeing a man, possibly Herakles, carrying a bull (possibly the Cretan Bull)
2009.10.2.332 A scene showing a man (possibly Herakles) carrying a bull (possibly the Cretan bull)
2009.10.2.334 A scene depicting Herkales carrying the skin of the Nemean lion.
2009.10.2.392 kneeling nude male figure wearing a cloak and carrying an unconscious nude female in his arms, with a club at his feet and his cloak flying out behind him. Number 48
2009.10.2.399 Walking bearded male centaur holding a horn in his right hand and carrying a branch over his left shoulder. Number 55
2009.10.2.401 Bearded male centaur carrying an ornate staff over his left shoulder and a lion skin and basket on his right shoulder. There is a faint inscription below the figure. Number 57
2009.10.2.412 Nude female figure holding a staff entwined with (?) snakes and drapery behind her, walking in front of a nude male wearing a helmet and travellers boots and carrying a staff over his left shoulder. Number 68
2009.10.2.64 The image shows Poseidon riding a chariot of 4 horses, he is carrying a scepter in his left hand and corn his right. The horses are rearing over two sea creatures that are half man.
2009.8.15 Woman wearing a dress, carrying something in her arm. One hand put on a tree. Cast number: 4
2009.8.25 A dancing woman with ribbons flying around her, carrying some kind of vessel. There is also an inscription next to her. Cast number: 138
2009.8.35 A man with a beard standing on a globe and holding another above his head. There is a lion's fur around his waist. Probably Hercules carrying the earth for Atlas. Cast number: s3
2009.9.113 A naked winged child carrying a basket. Cast number: 46
2009.9.116 Two naked winged children. One carrying a basket, the other a wreath. Cast number: 49
2009.9.159 Procession of four naked winged children and one wearing a dress. The one on the left side is trying to sit down on a daybed, the one behind him is carrying a torch, they are both looking over their shoulders to the last two children. The third child is accompanied with a child wearing a dress, they are standing very close together. The last child is carrying a basket with fruits over his head. Cast number: 93
23.11.31OO Profile figure facing the direction right. does not appear to be a Spartan warrior. possibly a Persian warrior or leader? face. helm and armour slightly visible though. defining feature is a ponytail at the back of his helm. not clear whether he is carrying any weaponry. representation of Persian King Darius or Xerxes from the Persian Wars? lead figures part of a large relief commemorating the war? or just used for ritual purposes with the flogging at the Temple of Artemis Orthia? pretty good condition. lead is an off-colour brown grey, similar to 23.11.31h. bears no similarity to the other lead warriors, as it is a lot thinner than them and lacks a shield. 2005.06.0099.jpg
45.10.23 The handle is black. On the shoulder there is a voluted palmette with petal-shaped divisions between two draped male figures facing each other, holding their himatia with their left hands. There is part of a thin line that contours the lower part of the shoulder. The upper part of a warrior is preserved, wearing a red helmet and carrying a shield. There is also the lowest part of a figure's drapery and his feet. He seems to step on two red lines, and the rest of the fragment is black. A fragment shows part of a figure's feet, which also step on two red lines. There is a broad, black band on the foot, with the rest of the underside is reserved.
45.10.29 Fragments that join 45.10.23: a)The handle's back is black. On the shoulder there is a voluted palmette with petal-shaped divisions between two male draped figures that are facing it, holding their himatia? with their left hands. b) There is part of a thin line that contours the lower part of the shoulder. c) The upper part of a warrior, wearing a red helmet and carrying a shield. Behind him , there is part of an object? in added red. d) The right part bears the left part of the previous warrior's shield. The left part of the fragment depicts the upper part of another draped male figure holding a spear.
47.6.1 The Gorgon Medusa, in both shoulder panels. Area under handles is black. Side A: Achilles on black horse, alongside a red horse with an attendant riding on black horse behind. Troilos lies on ground. Side B: Achilles carrying Troilos toward alter made of bricks with incised lines (the altar might also be interpreted as a fountainhouse). Shrub in front of altar (fountainhouse) Pictures are in red, black, white with detail incised. Below shoulder zone are red and black chevron-palmettes; below this, animal frieze with goats, panther, winged creature and lion. Triangles radiating from base, foot is black and base reserved. Zones separated by bands. 2007.01.0060.jpg
52.3.1 Mouth black inside and out, apart from flat exterior. Handles are black on top and sides but reserved underneath. Palmette and swirl pattern in black on neck. Small ridge at base of neck and vertical black tongues on shoulder. Side A: Heracles and Triton or Nereus (both equally possible as monster has tail and old man with staff associated with Nereus, but is unclothed as associated with Triton) with one male draped onlooker in profile to the left carrying a stick. The opposite side (B) is of a warrior (shield emblem chariot body painted in white) between two male draped onlookers carrying sticks. Added red on onlookers mantles, Nereus beard, and white on the shield. Below figures is a double row of large dots, bewteen two narrow bands with rays below to foot.Undr the handles, lotus and palmette . The foot is black and has two steps. Resting surface and conical base are both reserved. 2007.02.0023.jpg
E.23.54 Green shabti, arms folded, shoulders are indicated by the drawing of the figure 'A' on either side of the upper body, there is an inscription in hieroglyphs. The figure is carrying a sack indicating that it is a worker, this is painted on the back of the right shoulder in black. 2008.08.0050.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.22 Tongues emerging from mouth between two bands. Dots around the rim and tongues again on shoulder. Zigzag with two dots on handles. Main design is five warrior figures facing left, carrying large shields. Each shield is bisected with incised vertical parallel lines and coloured one half red and the other half yellow. The outer ring of the shield is brown, and the helmets which the warriors appear to be wearing are yellow. The base has two bands around tongues with two bands the other side.
REDMG:1935.87.33 Rim has terracotta concentric circle around the centre, leading to with a continous olive leaf pattern underneath. A: Satyr in diadem and shoes, carrying flaming torch and situle, follows woman carrying barrel of grapes and ornamented box (cista). Goats skull and rosettes in field. B: two youths with sticks in conversation. Three rosettes can be found on either side of the youth. Palmette design can be found under each handle and a dash pattern circles around every handle. Yellow and white colour can be found added to the pieces especially the picture of the satyr. Underneath each figure is a continous wave pattern which continues around the base of the krater. 2004.07.0003.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.7 Mouth is blacked just inside rim, leaving interior walls reserved. Handle, back of neck, and back of body are all black. Wave pattern on neck forms upper part of a reserved frame around a figural scene. This scene depicts a horned youth, running to right but facing profile to left, with cloak over his left arm, carrying a tray in his right hand. Tendrils each side of him emerge from the base and four rosettes and one fillet are in the field. Added white and yellow on horns, rosettes, tray and head dress. Foot is black on outside and the base is reserved.
REDMG:1953.25.90 Upper half of female in pointed cap carrying child in similar cap on left arm. Solid with back flat. 2003.93.0202.jpg
RM.87.35.22 Decoration on the whole body, handle, mouth and beneath the aryballos. On the body you can see warriors marching right, carrying shields. On the underside and on the mouth, a floral design is visible (leafs). The handle has a zig-zag line design, with dots in the middle. 2003.04.0004.jpg
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