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There are 20 objects for which Decoration contains "centaur"
2007.1.10.34 Centaur facing to the right with cupid on his back
2007.1.10.35 Centaur facing to the left with woman riding on its back holding a scarf above her head
2007.10.2.180 Cupid is on the back of a bearded centaur, and has his hands tied up.
2007.10.2.327 Female riding on the back of a male centaur, possibly abduction of Deianeira by Nessus.
2007.10.2.336 A male centaur, possibly a shepherd, holding a staff with a sheep beside him. There is a cherub (possibly Eros) hovering over the sheep.
2007.10.2.359 A centaur wearing a lion's skin, balancing a big pot on his shoulders. In his left hand he is holding a staff.
2007.10.2.8 Two centaurs facing right. Centaur on right is holding a bowl and something else over his shoulder
2007.9.1.12 Displaying a running centaur wearing a lion skin cloak, facing right.
2007.9.2.34 Displays a soldier wearing only a crested helmet, holding a club in the air, his other hand around the throat of a centaur, who is lying nearly defeated on the ground, his upper body bent backwards. (Box Index = Theseus killing a Centaur).
2007.9.3.20 Displays a centaur sitting on his hind legs, his arms around a man standing next to him, whilst another figure in the background plays a pipe.
2007.9.3.67 Heracles killing the centaur who tried to rape Deianeira.
2009.10.2.119 A collection of figures, a bearded man sitting under a tree, watching a centaur dancing with a woman, two cupids surround them. Number 51.
2009.10.2.321 A scene showing a man standing over a centaur in a warlike pose.
2009.10.2.398 Kneeling female centaur embracing a centaur child underneath a tree. Number 54
2009.10.2.399 Walking bearded male centaur holding a horn in his right hand and carrying a branch over his left shoulder. Number 55
2009.10.2.400 Bearded male centaur lying down, holding a shield above him with his left hand and pulling an arrow from his side with his right. Number 56
2009.10.2.401 Bearded male centaur carrying an ornate staff over his left shoulder and a lion skin and basket on his right shoulder. There is a faint inscription below the figure. Number 57
2009.10.2.402 Bearded male centaur rearing up on his back legs and aiming a bow and arrow to the right. Number 58
2009.10.2.81 There is a centaur standing with a woman to his right, there is also a man playing an instrument to the back left of him. Number - 13
2009.8.95 A a man with a beard holding a spear and riding on a centaur. Cast number: 39
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