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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "checked"
2008.7.61 Exterior: 7 black rectangles forming checked pattern overpainted. 4 narrow horizontal lines of the same colour run parallel to this .
2008.7.66 Interior: reddish-browm wash. Exterior: checked pattern created by rectangular shapes and horizontal parallel lines overpainted in reddish-brown. 2 thin horizontal bands run parallel to this.
2008.7.67 Exterior: rectangles forming checked pattern overpainted in black. Running parallel to this, 4 thin horizontal parallel lines and above this a pattern of 5 short vertical lines in same colour.
2008.7.70 Interior: reddish-brown wash. Exterior: rectangles overpainted in reddish-brown forming checked pattern at one end, with 2 thin lines running parallel above, next to a band containing a diamond-shaped pattern overpainted in same colour.
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