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There are 12 objects for which Decoration contains "cherub"
2007.10.2.316 Cherub, possibly Eros, holding onto a swan by its neck.
2007.10.2.324 Cherub possibly Eros, riding a lion and playing a harp.
2007.10.2.325 Man tied up and on his knees, with a cherub, possibly Eros, holding him up and helping him.
2007.10.2.336 A male centaur, possibly a shepherd, holding a staff with a sheep beside him. There is a cherub (possibly Eros) hovering over the sheep.
2007.10.2.338 Two cherubs, with two chickens, one wringing one of the chicken's neck, the other cherub just observing.
2007.10.2.43 Two seated women conversing, one has a cherub on her lap with a staff and the other is holding a large leaf or fan
2007.9.2.12 Displays a young woman with her head covered, apparently airborne without wings, and holding a cross in her left hand, whilst a cherub in the lower right corner leans on his trumpet. (Box Index = A happy soul flying to the sky). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 12
2007.9.2.5 Displays four human figures. From left to right: a man with his head bowed and a hammer raised in his right hand, whilst holding a spear or an arrow in his left; a seated woman, her head turned away to the right, holding an arrow in her right hand, pointed down into a bowl she is holding in her left; a cherub, holding a long pole, his left arm outstretched and looking upwards at the figure behind him; a naked man wearing a helmet and holding a bundle of cloth and an arrow, and looking down at the cherub. (Box Index = Vulcan, Venus, Cupid, and Mars).Tray 5, Layer 1, gem 5
2007.9.2.6 Displays a mostly naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, who is seated and holding the right arm of a cherub standing in front of her. A small flowering plant, a bee and two birds are also visible. (Box Index = Venus with crying Cupid who has been stung by a bee). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 6
2007.9.3.26 Displays a cherub standing in a large shell, which he appears to be steering by way of a rudder.
2007.9.3.4 Displays a cherub holding a bunch of grapes, and a chicken(?).
2008.2.1.89 On the right there is a standing woman holding a spear in her right hand and a shield on the ground with her left. She is wearing a type of headdress (possibly a helmet) and could either be robed or naked. to her right there is a standing animal, possibly a sheep, on top of whom is standing a winged cherub holding a bow and arrow, possibly cupid. On the far left of the cast there is a large stalk of corn.
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