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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "cherubs"
2007.10.2.29 Two cherubs with birds and a column in the middle, one of the cherubs is holding a feather
2007.10.2.338 Two cherubs, with two chickens, one wringing one of the chicken's neck, the other cherub just observing.
2007.10.2.55 Bearded male head facing forward. Below the head appears to be two flaming torches. Four cherubs (?) frame the hair, with the top two looking like they're putting a crown on the head. There is an inscription, in Greek, on either side of the head.
2007.9.2.9 Displays three cherubs in flight with their arms around one another. (Box Index = Group of Cupids). Box 5, layer 1, Gem 9
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