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There are 24 objects for which Decoration contains "children"
2003.8.29 Photo of two Arab women carrying water with children.
2007.10.2.131 Three winged Children leading a sheep.
2007.10.2.146 Male figure reclining on a carrage, surrounded by winged children one pushing the wheel, the other holding reigns and a whip, the third being embraced by the male figure, who is half naked. A tree trunk on the fair right of the cast, with branches stretching above the figures.
2007.9.2.3 Displays a winged woman in flight, her head bowed, and carrying two naked children in her arms who appear to be asleep. (Box Index = Personification of Night). Tray 5, layer 1, Gem 3
2009.10.2.226 Nude Aphrodite standing, flanked by two winged children holding objects Number 16
2009.10.2.231 Semi-nude female figure sitting on a rock with drapery around her waist, holding an object. Accompanied by two winged children and a basket Number 21
2009.10.2.232 Semi-nude female figure with drapery around her waist, seated on a rock with a basket and two winged children, holding a ? fishing rod in her right hand with an inscription Number 22
2009.10.2.279 Two nude male children standing with an arm around each other and holding drapery behind them. Number 69
2009.10.2.33 Portrait of bearded man pictured above an eagle, with two winged children on either side, on ladders placing wreaths into a pot placed on his head. Number 33
2009.9.116 Two naked winged children. One carrying a basket, the other a wreath. Cast number: 49
2009.9.117 Two naked winged children. The one on the left is holding a lyre, the other a mask. Cast number: 50
2009.9.118 Two naked children. The one on the left side has wings and is holding a spear. The other one is holding a stick. Both have cloaks around their shoulders. Cast number: 51
2009.9.119 Two naked winged children with cloaks around their shoulders. The one on the left side is laying one arm around the other. The one on the right side is holding a scepter. Cast number: 52
2009.9.120 Two naked children wearing cloaks. The one on the left side is winged and holding a snake (?) in his hand. The other one holds some kind of scepter or a cornucopia. Cast number: 53
2009.9.121 Three naked winged children with robes around their waists gathered around a goat in the middle. Cast number: 55
2009.9.137 Two naked winged children. One sitting on a rock on the left side, the other on a rock on the right side. They are fishing and the child on the right side caught a crab. Cast number: 71
2009.9.140 Two naked winged children sitting in a barque pulled by four dolphins. Cast number: 74
2009.9.141 Two naked winged children are fighting over / holding some kind of vessel or flower. A third naked winged child is riding a dolphin in the water. Cast number: 75
2009.9.156 Three naked children with wings playing around a tree or gathering fruits. One is sitting in the tree, the others are on the right and left side of the stem. Cast number: 90
2009.9.157 Three naked children playing around a tree or gathering the fruits. One is sitting in the tree, the others standing on the left and right side of the stem. Cast number: 91
2009.9.159 Procession of four naked winged children and one wearing a dress. The one on the left side is trying to sit down on a daybed, the one behind him is carrying a torch, they are both looking over their shoulders to the last two children. The third child is accompanied with a child wearing a dress, they are standing very close together. The last child is carrying a basket with fruits over his head. Cast number: 93
2009.9.160 Two naked winged children, looking at each other, playing musical instruments. The one sitting, plays the lyre, the one standing a flute. A dressed person with a plait is looking at them. Cast number: 94
2009.9.162 Two naked children with wings, facing and embracing each other. The one on the left side is wearing some kind of robe. Cast number: 96
2009.9.206 Four naked winged children. One is flying, two are sitting on poles on the right and left side, the last one is sitting and leaning against the left side pole. Cast number: 41
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