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There are 23 objects for which Decoration contains "chipped"
13.10.25 Pinkish clay, undecorated. Circular indention at top of shoulder. Circular indentation on base, (chipped ?) 2008.03.0033.jpg
2006.12.105 Black paint over much of the outer surface, although it is worn and chipped. 2007.03.1006.jpg
2006.12.112 Black paint on inside and outside, very chipped and faded.
2006.12.123 Black and white paint lines, heavily chipped and worn.
2006.12.21 Inside painted black with red band at rim; Outside dark brown band by rim, with black paint below chipped band 2007.03.0529.jpg
2006.12.7 Black paint, chipped and worn 2007.03.0861.jpg
2006.12.8 Black glaze with red band on inner surface; worn red and black paint on rim; black paint on outer surface, slightly worn and chipped 2007.03.0922.jpg
2006.12.93 Worn and chipped black paint
2007.4.115 Red brown zig zag pattern on white paint; heavily chipped and worn 2007.30.0025.jpg
2007.4.124 Black parallel lines next to broken handle; white paint under handle; faded black parallel lines perpendicular to other lines above and below area of handle; decoration worn, faded and chipped 2007.30.0047.jpg
2007.4.128 black paint with band of uncoloured on inner surface; Thick black bands with thinner faded brown bands on white paint on outer surface; worn and chipped 2007.30.0042.jpg
2008.7.23 Exterior: beige slip overpainted by two parallel horizontal thick (0.6) brown lines outlined in black, two thick curved brown figures outlined in black, one small egg-shaped black mark. Interior: bottom third dark-brown to black, upper two thirds probably reddish-brown but heavily chipped and worn.
25.6.12 Two black bands on and two black dots with a possible third mostly chipped off on a reserved background. Inside painted black and largely faded to red. 2006.20.0546.jpg
25.6.8 Black line along rim. 2 small black possibly floral designs with 2 thin wavy lines between them, which have faded from black, on a reserved background. Inside is black with small bits of paint chipped away. 2006.20.0540.jpg
TEMP.2003.6.24 Fragment of pot, including slight buldge where handle begins. Exterior, black lines on white background. At the right edge of the top there is a triangluar bit of black that looks like it originally belonged to a square surrounded on both verticle sides by twin sets of thin brown verticle lines. Less than 1 from the top there are two brown lines that follow the curve of the jug horizontally spaced .3 apart. Under these lines on the left is a large2.5 hieght figure eight pattern made up of three lines that swirl around to create the eight, with little v's on the outside of the eight pointed away from where the figure eight lines cross. On the right side, two bworn/black lines curve around where the handle would have begun. The handle section is all black, although chipped. Under the figure eight is a .6 thick black lines running horizontally around the pot, broken by a thin pink line a little below the middle. there are two other thin pink lines equidistant from this first one, one above and one below it by about .4, the top pink line being right above the top of the black line. Underneith the bottom pink line is a segment of a different pattern. Interior is black over pink and white, which is worn away enough in many parts to see the pink and white colors. two thin and faded white lines form bands near the top.
TEMP.2003.8.1 (a)Part of the rim of an open jug of some sort. The inside segment of the rim is painted black, with numerous small bits having been chipped off. Moving outwards, the rim consists of the inside of the pot wall, which then splays out in a flat top rim, and then falls down again in a second wall that is left dangling from the outer rim. So, moving from the inside outwards on the underside, there is a valley of about 1.0 wide and 1.5 deep until the top of the second rim (which is peaked) is reached. The outward facing side of this downward pointed rim consists of alternating lines of black dots and thin black lines which run around the entire outer diameter of the rim. There are two rows of dots and two lines, alternating which each other, all of which are heavily worn. The top part of the rim, which would be facing upwards if the pot were complete, is about 2.2 wide and flat, marked with black raised lines that repeat about every .3 and which start at the outer edge and are 1.7 long, and painted black. These lines are heavily worn. There are also two significant chips in the top of this rim, each about 2 long. (b)Another part of the same rim to the same vessel. The same dot and line pattern runs around the outer diameter. On top the lines which are thicker at the end pointing into the pot are repeated, a palmette decorates the larger flat area of the handle region.
TEMP.2007. 2.69 Black glaze, slightly worn and chipped; cords
TEMP.2007.2.27 Black glaze, badly chipped. Possible area unglazed or with different colour, chipping makes it difficult to tell 2007.10.0002.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.28 Black glaze; chipped 2007.10.0004.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.34 Black glaze, some of which is chipped off 2007.10.0016.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.39 Black glaze, chipped; some yellowed areas, probably from previous repair work 2007.10.0027.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.49 Black glaze, damaged by fire and chipped 2007.10.0051.jpg
TEMP.2007.2.54 Black glaze, chipped badly on one side with very minor damage on other 2007.10.0063.jpg
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