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There are 6 objects for which Decoration contains "cinquefoil"
11.10.7 On mouth, one broad band, one narrow; saucer shaped. Cinquefoil, no hatching. Shoulder flattened. Intermediate pattern: circle with vertical line inside. 2003.05.0006.jpg
11.10.8 Cinquefoil, intermediate pattern smaller circle within circle. Mouth flat, one broad band, one narrow. 2005.05.0049.jpg
11.10.9 On mouth, one broad band, one narrow, saucer-shaped. Shoulder flattened. Cinquefoil, intermediate pattern circle with cross inside. 2005.05.0052.jpg
25.6.1 Three bands on saucer shaped mouth. Flanged sides, one band. Daisy pattern on shoulder. Cinquefoil with leaves touching central wheel and extends onto base of pot. Rough light brown cross on body below handle. 2003.98.0205.jpg
34.10.2 On rim, one broad then three narrow bands and one band inside opening. Single band on lower part of rim, above handle. Main design is a cinquefoil, with each leaf joined by a stalk to circumference of central four-spoke wheel. At back below handle is a six-spoke wheel. Three-line spiral incised around body. Rest reserved. 2003.04.0001.jpg
85.3.2 On the top of the rim, one broad black band and two concentric narrow; plange side, two narrow bands converging into one band. On body, cinquefoil with leaves touching central wheel. Below handle, rough six-petalled flower. '49' pencilled on back of handle. 2003.97.0051.jpg
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