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There are 5 objects for which Decoration contains "clearly"
48.2.2 Foot-ring cushiony and black. Base inside reserved with small central circle. Inside black; rim clearly marked off. A: Between palmettes beared man walking away with cloak over arm. B: As A, but woman sits on solid black seat. 2007.01.0018.jpg
E.62.11 Carved piece from open work rail of furniture, representing the hes vase. The top of the artefact has a carved peg on it while the foot has a lip carve in it, clearly these were used to attatch the artefact to a larger body, there is no pigment. 2002.98.0973.jpg
E.62.57 Long, curved trowl, reaching two small handles on either end. Between these two is a third handle with a hole indicating it was once attatched to something else. The curved edge was clearly quite sharp but has since dulled. 2005.02.0148.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.85 Top is flat and squared off. Groove below rim then the rim is diagonal, rounded ridge at base. Large flat section with design sculpted on top of it so it is in relief. Scene is of a griffin, a winged creature with bird head and lion-like paws. The ribs are clearly visible as are the lines in the wings. Front left paw is raised above a stick with snakes (?) curled around or a decorative branch (?). Below is a higher moulded ridge with raised egg and dot pattern beneath, before another moulded ridge. Bottom is flat but has diagonal scratches carved in - perhaps to help this section adhere to whatever it was originally part of. Many inclusions in material. 2005.90.0042.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.31 Small figurine, possibly an animal, because the nose/mouth is pointed like a snout. Has two small holes for the eyes, and three holes above them. The neck is thinner than the head, and the arms are clearly defined, although are broken. The figure is of a red colour, with remants of black paint on the head and lower back.
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