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There are 7 objects for which Decoration contains "closed"
2009.8.158 A young woman closed in by a swan. Zeus and Leda. Cast number: 12
45.6.11 Squat skyphos. Two handles on either side, one broken and one glued. Small closed mouth. Black band around middle of body. Added deep red colour all around the surface, flat base. 2010.98.0325.jpg
45.6.61 Short neck and small closed mouth, pear shaped with a flat base, pale orange clay. 2006.20.0024.jpg
50.12.5 Part of foot of a closed vase. Coarse clay with tiny black and white inclusions. The interior is pink and fairly rough, the exterior is unglazed and grey. There is a small section of black near the top. 2003.98.0110.jpg
51.7.3 On the body, opposite the handle, is modelled a triangular human face, with slanted eyebrows, bulging closed eyes, a straight pointed nose, tight lips, and a pointed chin. 2008.98.0370.jpg
57.3.1 Clay pale, paint greyish brown: large closed vessel, interior unpainted. Exterior broad black line, and part of a circular spiral in black. One small faded black line in middle of fragment, a section of a semi circle to the left of the broad black line. 2003.98.0173.jpg
TEMP.2003.7.64 Fragment from the neck of a closed shape, with a flat, thick rim (1.4cm). Flat, top of rim seems to have been painted white. The side of the rim has a pattern around it. The pattern has a thin, black line parting small 'U' shapes. The top half of the pattern has 'U' shapes in it, which have tiny, verticle, red lines inside them. The bottom half is the same, however the 'U' shapes are up-side-down. The neck and small piece of the body, on the fragment, is glazed black and appears to have once had white paint on it. The fragment has a small piece of the pot's body on either side of the neck. One of the sides of the fragment of the body has the top of two figures on it. The right hand side figure is the top of a head but its features are unclear. The left-hand-side figure appears to be a women, with her left arm raised. The underside of fragment is terracotta colour. The inside of rim is glazed black and the inside of the pot appears to have been left terracotta. 2006.20.0008.jpg
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