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There are 33 objects for which Decoration contains "cloth"
14.9.89 Two figures, facing, holding hands. Vines with leaves in the background. Unidentified figure (cloth?) in upper right-hand corner.
2007.10.1.26 Naked man holding possibly cloth in both arms. A small winged child behind him (on the left) Cast number 90
2007.10.2.189 Frontal figure of a naked man standing up and rubbing his back with a cloth. On the background a small table with a vase on it.
2007.10.2.190 Older man, bold and overweight, standing with the help of a staff. He is in front of a boy who is pouring water on his feet. The man only has a cloth draped around his legs and the boy is naked.
2007.10.2.191 Male, naked with a cloth on his left harm, presenting his sword to the effigy of Athena placed on a column.
2007.10.2.255 Three figures, one on a chariot, pulled by two horses. Another figure, a man, wearing a helmet is being handed some sort of cloth by the other figure who appears to be a woman.
2007.10.2.293 A man standing, in one hand there is a pile of cloth and in the other is some sort of long stick.
2007.10.2.360 A naked, young male figure, holding what appears to be a piece of cloth and he is leaning against some sort of post.
2007.9.1.33 Displays a very fine image of a half naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, standing next to a pedestal and carrying a spherical object.
2007.9.2.16 Displays the figure of a naked woman, her head turned away to the right, trying to cover herself with a piece of cloth. (Box Index = Venus).
2007.9.2.23 Displays three women, standing together with their arms around each other, mostly naked except for one piece of cloth wrapped around them. Some Greek writing around the outside. (Box Index = The Three Graces).
2007.9.2.5 Displays four human figures. From left to right: a man with his head bowed and a hammer raised in his right hand, whilst holding a spear or an arrow in his left; a seated woman, her head turned away to the right, holding an arrow in her right hand, pointed down into a bowl she is holding in her left; a cherub, holding a long pole, his left arm outstretched and looking upwards at the figure behind him; a naked man wearing a helmet and holding a bundle of cloth and an arrow, and looking down at the cherub. (Box Index = Vulcan, Venus, Cupid, and Mars).Tray 5, Layer 1, gem 5
2007.9.2.6 Displays a mostly naked woman, her lower half draped in cloth, who is seated and holding the right arm of a cherub standing in front of her. A small flowering plant, a bee and two birds are also visible. (Box Index = Venus with crying Cupid who has been stung by a bee). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 6
2007.9.2.7 Displays a winged man, crouching down on one knee, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow at his feet are visible, whilst a woman reclines on the ground, only her lower half covered in cloth, resting her upper body agaist his knee. (Box Index = Amore e Psiche or Love and Psyche). Box 5, Layer 1, Gem 7
2007.9.3.18 Displays a seated woman, cloth covering only her lower body, her hand up under her chin in a pose that suggests thinking.
2008.2.1.56 Seated chubby male figure facing forward holding a long stick in each hand. Figure is naked and is either sitting on a cloth and wearing a faint crown or has the horns and tail of a satyr.
2009.10.2.10 Figure of a man with wings and a beard, lying down with a cloth draped over his legs, holding and looking at a sword, with an open book next to him. Number 10.
2009.10.2.103 Two figures a man and a woman, she is holding a length of cloth. Number 35.
2009.10.2.120 Figure of Diana of Ephesus. Appears to be twirling cloth. Number 52
2009.10.2.128 Figure of a naked man holding a cloth behind him. Moon symbol in the bottom corner. Number 60.
2009.10.2.13 figure of a man walking, holding a sickle in his right hand and holding a cloth to his mouth with the other. He is unclothed. Number 13
2009.10.2.145 Figure of Hermes leaning on pillar, holding cloth in right hand and winged sceptre in his left. Number 17.
2009.10.2.200 Two figures draped with cloth, male and female appear to be dancing he is holding a basket of fruit. Number 72.
2009.10.2.215 Figure of Aphrodite from behind, with a cloth draped around her legs. She is holding a pot. Number 5
2009.10.2.216 Figure of aphrodite crouching facing left, holding a cloth above her head with a pot in front of her. Number 6
2009.8.62 Profile of a young woman wearing a cap or cloth, looking right. Inscription on the bottom. Cast number: 119
2009.9.104 A winged child wearing a cloth around the waist is leaning against a rake. Cast number: 37
2009.9.243 Profile of a woman wearing a cloth, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. Cast number: 83
2009.9.244 Profile of a woman wearing a cloth, looking right. The top of her dress can be seen. There is a tendril surrounding her. Cast number: 84
2009.9.260 Profiles of a couple. The man on the left side wearing a cloth looking right. The woman on the right wearing a hood looking left. Cast number: 100
2009.9.43 A man holding a tambourine (?) in his left hand and a sistrum in his right hand. He is naked except for the cloth around his waist. Cast number: 57
45.10.5 Interior surface is black with a medallion, with meander pattern around the edge and two youths facing each other in the centre. The handles are missing from the exterior surface but there are palmette patterns on opposite sides, suggesting this is where the handles were originally. On one side is a stele with a youth either side, the left with his hands outstretched and the other holding a cloth and a strigil. The other side shows remains of a very similar picture. 2011.98.0040.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.59 Obverse: head with cloth headress and moustache Reverse: male in toga with people behind, at an altar? 2008.02.0121.jpg
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