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There are 3 objects for which Decoration contains "clothe"
2007.10.2.144 Two figures, male and female. Man is standing and is holding shield and sword, naked except for a clothe covering his loins. Woman sitting, naked with a tunic very loosely wrapped round her, holding an object (?)
2007.10.2.195 A naked man with a clothe draped over his left shoulder, carrying what appears to be a dead animal.
29.6.1 Plaster cast of the “Ludovisi Throne” (Original in Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps). Central panel: Aphrodite (Roman Venus) rises from the sea assisted by two Horae (Seasons) on the shore who clothe the lower part of her body.The scene probably represents the birth of the goddess. Alternative interpretations: Persephone’s return from the Hades or Hera emerging from the Kanathos waters (Hera Parthenos). Left panel: Seated naked female figure (hetaira?)wearing a sakkos (hairnet) plays the double aulos. Right panel: Seated crouched veiled woman with a pyxis in her left hand in front of an incense burner (thymiaterion)
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