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There are 24 objects for which Decoration contains "clothed"
2007.1.10.61 Full body portrait of woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.1.10.62 Full body portrait of a woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.10.1.23 Three figures, one naked, two clothed and with head dresses. animals in the background.
2007.10.2.139 Male bust, profile facing right, long curley hair and beard, clothed
2007.10.2.14 Man holding a bowl in his right hand and a feather in his left, with something by his feet. Partially clothed
2007.10.2.235 Two figures, both facing towards us, one standing behind the other. The one on the foreground is a warrior, possibly a Greek soldier (because he's naked) carrying a spear and shield and wearing a helmet. Behind him is a fully clothed figure, possibly a goddess.
2007.10.2.248 A slender female figure is depicted playing a lyre. She faces to the right and is clothed in a long flowing dress.
2007.10.2.300 Standing frontal image of a clothed male figure. The figure appears to be holding something in each hand; however, damage to the surface makes it impossible to identify the items.
2007.10.2.306 At the centre of the cast is a naked young male, he is seated on what appears to be a large smooth rock. A large serpent is coiled beneath the male figure and to the right a lyre is placed on a stand or podium. On the far right of the cast a second stand or podium is carved, this one has what appears to be a tripod standing upon it. To the far left of the cast stands a clothed female figure. She is holding a rod or staff. Her attention is not upon the central scene, she appears distracted by something which is occurring further left as her gaze is directed that way.
2008.2.1.49 Clothed woman walking amoung naked men, some of whom are bending over either to pick up or put down flowers behind her, and one of which stands in front of her handing her flowers. Tree in the background.
2008.2.1.50 Clothed boy holding a tall plant in one hand while cutting it with a small knife held in the other hand
2008.2.1.77 Bust of a clothed older male figure. The figure is bearded with a band tied in his hair.
2009.10.1.12 Zeus seated and half clothed, wearing a helmet or sun rays, holding a staff in his right hand and a club in his left. Cast Number - 959
2009.10.2.159 Clothed man wearing a hat standing next to a post (possibly a tree). Number 31
2009.10.2.160 Clothed man with hat standing next to an altar. Number 32
2009.10.2.166 Clothed Hermes carrying a sickle and caduceus and wearing a winged hat and sandals standing near a bull, a bird and a body on the ground (possibly dead). Number 38
2009.10.2.167 Naked Hermes with cloak and caduceus. Standing next to seated and clothed woman.
2009.10.2.202 Two figures one clothed one naked, pictured with plant. Number 74.
2009.10.2.222 Clothed female figure standing in front of an animal wearing a bridle (possibly a horse or dog) Number 12
2009.10.2.239 Clothed female figure, walking with flowing drapery holding plants in her left hand and a bow and arrow in her right. Accompanied by a winged Eros holding an arrow and with a quiver. Number 29
2009.10.2.307 A scene depicting from left to right: a naked man, Athena, and a clothed woman. The two figures on the outside are looking towards a helmeted Athena who is holding an olive branch and spear.
25.9.1 Inside is black with a reserved band below where mouth begins to flare. The mouth is wide and flares outwards. On the exterior surface at the top is a patterned band of two rows of 'cccc' shapes, one row above the other. Two handles, one each side are black and it is hard to distinguish what is on the body behind the handle (maybe a panel with dots?). On side A, Eros flies towards a woman who retreats towards youth seated naked on a folding garment and holding alabastron. Side B shows 2 youths, clothed, the one on the right holding a stick. Brown for feathers at top of Eros' wing. White garland, neckless, bracelet of woman and fillet held by Eros. Below them is a reserved panle with egg shapes with dits in between. Stem and top of foot black, reserved band at top of foot. Base reserved. 2003.23.0003.jpg
28.6.1 Handle all black, as is neck and back of body. At the front on shoulder is an inverted swirl / wave pattern, consisting of four waves. Below is the main design of an athlete (naked) with a discus standing between two clothed youths, the left of them holding a discus. Robe detail is picked out in black paint. No relief contour. There is an reserved line incised above foot. Foot is black on the top and side but the underneath is reserved and flat. 2011.98.0057.jpg
35.5.34 Inside, reserved line around the rim; in a medallion framed by a key pattern broken by a chequered square, a male in himation leaning on a stick in conversation with an athlete (legs only). Outside, between palmettes an athlete with his arm resting on a pillar over which his cloak falls; on his right a man with a stick, on his left another male (face missing). Relief contour for pillar, walking sticks, and back of neck of all the figures. Hair contour reserved. Added colour, probably red, for fillet of bearded man, white for garland of the clothed figure in the medallion. 2004.10.0083.jpg
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