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There are 64 objects for which Decoration contains "club"
2007.1.10.14 Naked man holding a club talking to a wall with a bearded head??
2007.1.10.21 Hercules holding a club leading Cerberus out of Hades
2007.1.10.28 Possibly Hercules holding the skin of Nemean Lion with club and cupid on his shoulder
2007.1.10.30 Man standing with club and greek letters
2007.1.10.44 Naked man lying on the ground with club next to him and a tree and two deers on the background
2007.1.10.59 Portrait in profile of man facing right, baring his arms, his left hand is holding part of the loin's skin draped from his head. His right hand is holding a club.
2007.1.10.60 Portrait of man from waist up, facing left. Lion's skin is draped over his right shoulder, as well as a club.
2007.1.10.61 Full body portrait of woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.1.10.62 Full body portrait of a woman facing right. Partly clothed, carrying a lion's skin and a club.
2007.10.1.10 Hercules defeating the Erymanthian Boar with a club, before capturing it.
2007.10.1.12 Naked man with a club trying to knock person off a lunging horse
2007.10.1.13 Naked man with a club holding one handle of a vase, to collect water
2007.10.1.2 Naked man with helmet holding a club in the right hand and a snake in the left
2007.10.1.3 Possibly Hercules on the left, holding a club and Aphrodite on the right. Tree behind Aphrodite with snake coiled round.
2007.10.1.4 Naked man holding a club and a tree branch. Face (incomplete) turning right.
2007.10.1.8 Possibly Theseus killing the Minotaur with a club
2007.10.2.159 Two figures. A man wearing a cape is on his knees and is holding the naked body of a woman. At his feet there is a club suggesting that he is probably Heracles (killing the Amazon Hippolyte?)
2007.10.2.229 A naked male figure carrying a club in his right hand and a bow in the left hand, (possibly Heracles)
2007.10.2.241 Single figure of a young winged (male) child holding a bow and club in his left hand, the club rests over his shoulder. His quivver is possibly depicted on the ground at his feet. The figure is presumably Eros or Cupid, although the club is an unusual addition (possibly indicating the imitation of Herakles, as in examples found at Pompeii).
2007.10.2.245 A bearded, muscular, and semi-naked seated figure. His clothing is possibly an animal skin (paws seem to be apparent). He appears to be resting as his right arm rests on his knee and his right hand supports his bowed head. He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. His other hand appears to be holding a further (unidentified) object which rests across his lap. A club rests against his left thigh in the foreground of the scene. There is either a bull or cow depicted by the figure's right leg at the bottom-left of the scene. The figure shown is almost certainly Herakles, possibly resting after one his labours (herding the cattle of Geryon?).
2007.10.2.247 A bearded, extremely muscular, and semi-naked male figure standing and facing to the left. He has a cloak tied at the neck and carries a club in his left hand. His right arm is raised and he is holding an (unidentified) object in his right hand. The figure is almost certainly Herakles.
2007.10.2.261 Two figures, one is a naked and bearded man standing, the other is a female sitting down. He is holding what looks like a staff or club, which could identify him as Heracles and she is balancing something on her knee. There are trees and vines in the background.
2007.9.2.34 Displays a soldier wearing only a crested helmet, holding a club in the air, his other hand around the throat of a centaur, who is lying nearly defeated on the ground, his upper body bent backwards. (Box Index = Theseus killing a Centaur).
2007.9.2.8 Displays a seated naked man, one hand resting on the handle of a club, the other holding a bowl, whilst a woman stands in front of him, holding a small jug in her raised right hand. (Box Index = Hercules and Hebe). Tray 5, Layer 1, Gem 8
2008.2.1.41 A small naked and winged male figure in frontal aspect facing slightly to the right. The figure is holding a bow and a club (which is resting upon his left shoulder)in his left hand. At the feet of the figure on the right side of the cast is a quivver.
2008.2.1.5 Two figures. A bearded male stands. He is winged. A younger male sits hunched over in front of him, holding a club (?) in his hand.
2009.10.1.1 Five or six cupids/erotes holding the club of Hercules. Cast number - 948
2009.10.1.12 Zeus seated and half clothed, wearing a helmet or sun rays, holding a staff in his right hand and a club in his left. Cast Number - 959
2009.10.1.15 Naked male figure swinging a club or sword, with a horse rearing either side and a man and a horse laying on the floor. Possibly Hercules and the Mares of Diomedes. Cast Number - 962
2009.10.2.11 Figure of a man with wings and a beard squatting over another man who is crouching down dangling a club from his hand. Number 11
2009.10.2.285 Depicts Hercules standing to his right. He is naked and carrying the skin of a lion, there is a club to the right of the image. Number - 1
2009.10.2.286 Depicts Hercules naked standing to the right, with a lions skin draped over him and a club to his right. Number - 2
2009.10.2.309 Scene showing Herakles sitting on the skin of the nemean lion and holding it's head. His club stands nearby.
2009.10.2.310 A scene showing Herakles facing left. In his right hand he carries his club and the head of the nemean lion. The lion's skin is draped over his back
2009.10.2.311 Herakles is depicted facing left. With his left hand he rests his club upon his shoulder whilst with his right he holds the skin the nemean lion.
2009.10.2.312 A Scene showing Herakles facing away, club in hand.
2009.10.2.313 Scene showing Herakles, club in hand, walking forwards.
2009.10.2.314 Scene showing Herakles facing left and leaning on his club.
2009.10.2.315 A scene depicting Herakles facing left. In his left hand he holds his club and in his right he has a bowl (possibly the one given to him by Helios, the sun god)
2009.10.2.317 A scene depicting two figures. Herakles is holding his club on the right, standing next to a bound woman (on the left).
2009.10.2.318 A scene showing Herakles, club and bow in hand, standing victorious over a giant.
2009.10.2.319 A scene showing Herakles on the left and a cowering giant on the right. Herakles stands about to strike with club and shield.
2009.10.2.326 A scene showing Herakles with his club, attacking the Hydra.
2009.10.2.327 A scene showing Herakles, with club, fighting the Hydra.
2009.10.2.328 A scene depicting Herakles with club. The Basket on the left hand side is possibly the container of the golden apples from the garden of hesperides.
2009.10.2.337 A scene showing Herakles, club aside, strangling the Nemean lion.
2009.10.2.342 A scene showing Herakles (left), with club, defeating a soldier (right) who kneels away.
2009.10.2.392 kneeling nude male figure wearing a cloak and carrying an unconscious nude female in his arms, with a club at his feet and his cloak flying out behind him. Number 48
2009.10.2.500 A scene showing Herakles (distinguished by the Nemean lion pelt and his club) crushing a man.
2009.10.2.503 A scene depicting showing Herakles (distinguished by his club) shooting two birds (possibly the Stymphalian birds)
2009.10.2.504 A scene showing Herakles (distinguished by his club) shooting three birds (possibly the Stymphalian birds) with a bow.
2009.8.110 Profile of a man with short hair. Birds on his left and right side. A club under his neck. Cast number: 54
2009.8.13 A man with a beard and wavy hear wearing a cloak around his waist, sitting on a rock, one arm placed on his knee. Next to him is a cow. On his other side is a club. There is an inscription above the cow. Cast number: n
2009.8.31 A man with a beard sitting on a rock and a lion's fur, holding a club in his hand. Probably Hercules. There is also an inscription. Cast number: sn
2009.9.14 A naked man putting one finger to his mouth, holding a club and standing in a skiff, looking left. Cast number: 28
2009.9.169 A naked young man with a cloak and club (?) in his right hand, with the other he touches the shield which lays on a pile of arms. On the shield is the head of the gorgo Medusa. Maybe Perseus. Cast number: 4
2009.9.172 A naked man wearing a cloak, holding a club or sword in his right hand and a human head in his left. Cast number: 7
2009.9.173 A naked man wearing a cloak, holding a sword or club in the left hand and a human head in the right. Cast number: 8
22.3.18 Rock covered with foliage, leaning against it a club, part of a tendril. 2004.74.0097.jpg
26.7.2 The interior of the vessel is streaky black (uneven) except for the tondo (reddish brown), that depicts a (shadow of a) man, in a short chiton, facing right and advancing. He is holding a (thorny) club with his right hand and his himation with the left one (using it as a shield?), while his sword is visible at his right side. Exterior: The lip bears a thin, black line. The surface of the body is reserved (up to the point where the scene ends) but bears decoration in black. The scene is repeated on both sides; the myth of Heracles and the Bull. Herakles has captured the Bull from the head. Hanging in the background (above them) there are Herakles' club, cloak and quiver. The scene is flanked (left and right) by fan-shaped palmettes (voluted at the bottom with long, narrow divisions). The lower part of the handles' external surface is black and under either of them there is an ivy leaf (heart-shaped). Below the scene, there is a streaky black line and, after a reserved, thin band, the vessel is (streaky) black up to the end of the foot, whose side surface is reserved, though. The base is reserved but bears a red thin band at the center of the resting surface. No incisions or added colour have been used. 2003.09.0004.jpg
47.8.1 Inside is reserved except for picture of Heracles in a black corselet over spotted chiton with flame borders. Club in his right hand and bow and arrow in his left. Originally only red for framing circle inside the black band around rim but much has faded to red that was black. Two handles, one either side have been dipped. Outside are dots around rim with band below. Reserved then to resting surface and inner foot-ring which are red. Base is concave and reserved except for small red circle at center. 2005.88.0039.jpg
L.2011.1.56 Raised frontal image of a bearded man in a short tunic and hat, holding a rectangular shield in his left hand and leaning on a (?) club with his right, and with a wheel on his left hand side 2011.96.0089.jpg
L.2016.3.24 Obverse: Portrait of Alexandros III. to the right, wearing Heracles' lion skin exuvia Reverse: (From left to right) quiver, Greek inscription, Heracles' club, Greek inscription
L.2016.3.30 Obverse: Portrait head of bearded Heracles to the right, reverse: bow and club with Greek letters below
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