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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "coin"
2006.6.1 Coin of Alexander the Great, Obv: Head of youthful Heracles, wearing a lion-scalp headdress. Rev: Zeus seated on a throne to left, with eagle perched on right hand and sceptre in upraised left hand. Kantharos (or amphora?) under throne.
2007.9.1.27 Displays a coin showing the head and shoulders of a young man wearing a wreath, profile facing right, with unrecognisable writing around the outside.
2007.9.1.29 Displays a coin depicting a large bird, possibly an eagle, with unrecognisable writing around the outside.
91.12.6 Coin of Heiro II of Syracuse. OW. Head of Queen Philistis. RW. Quadriga driven by Nike. 2008.02.0044.jpg
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