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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "color"
2008.7.168 Exterior: white glaze overpainted by one thick horizontal red line and one thin horizontal black line just above it, traces of other horizontal lines of indeterminate color; interior: black glaze.
2008.7.18 Light brown exterior glaze with darker reddish-brown decoration. Seven parallel lines perpendicular to three other lines, all of the reddish-brown color. Also the edge of a rounded design, also reddish-brown. The interior is glazed reddish-brown, but a redder hue than the color from the exterior decoration.
2008.7.22 Exterior is half natural baked color, half brown. Four parralel brown and reddish-brown horizontal lines overpainted of uniform thickness (ca. 0.1), one on brown half and three on natural half. Interior dark-brown or black glaze, nine brown and reddish-brown overpainted parallel horizontal lines of varying thickness.
2008.7.36 Exterior: thick brown horizontal line along the rim, and another similar line along the join of neck and shoulder. Traces of other linear decoration of the same brown color. Interior: thick brown horizontal line along the rim.
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