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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "colouring"
22.3.25 Rim has black wave design. Two female heads separated by palmettes. Knob has whole palmette design. And white, and yellow residue colouring around the whole of the pyxis. Central knob with rays and circle in middle. Inside and outside of rim on knob is black but top is reserved. Underside is reserved. 2003.97.0899.jpg
34.8.13 Standing nude male, arms at sides. Legs apart, right knee slightly bent. Clay light brown. Plentiful red colouring. Solid; rectangular base. 2002.97.0447.jpg
E.47.1 On three quarters of the shoulder a wreath surrounding the discus, the other quarter is sections by two ridges and a small lanceolate relief points to the wick hole. Red colouring still apparent in very small amounts on the relief and a small section on the base of the nozzle. 2005.01.0328.jpg
REDMG:1964.1642.1 Circular, horizontal handle attached to rim of a cup or skyphos. Thin material. Traces of black colouring suggesting a black glaze. Handle is not moulded out of, but stuck on to, the body of the object. 2003.93.0371.jpg
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