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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "coming"
2007.10.2.209 Possibly Poseidon coming out of the water, surrounding by sea creatures holding a trident
2007.10.2.274 A profile facing forward with curly hair and what appears to be wings coming out of their temples.
2007.4.118 Concentric black paint bands on rim; black paint band following rim on outer surface with perpendicular black lines coming off it; worn and faded 2007.30.0001.jpg
2007.4.221 The lip and a section of the pot underneath painted a red-orange colour, with section of darker red, almost black. Coming straight down from this are siz dark red lines
2008.7.152 Exterior: two horizontal parallel lines etched towards top of fragment. Below this, 3 vertical, non-parallel ridges, with narrower ridges coming off at shallow angles towards the bottom of them.
2008.7.48 Exterior: two thick brown parallel horizontal lines, the upper of which has two thin brown parallel lines coming off at a shallow angle.
2009.10.2.359 A lion, with two heads; one is a goats head coming out of its back, Chimera (?) it has a snake tail
2009.9.21 There is a box with a snake on it on the bottom, on the box a globe with Greek letters, and coming out of the ball a dog's head, looking right. Inscriptions around and on the globe. Cast number: 35
83.9.34 One side of this fragment is all glazed black and has three flowers on it. It also has two rounded lines, with up-side-down 'U' shapes inside them. The other side of this fragment also has a black glaze and seems to have a rim coming out of it, which could have been part of a base of a pot. 2006.20.0054.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.88 Head of woman with shawl coming up toa high point over her head. Hair is piled on her head; melon coiffeure with diadem. 2003.93.0104.jpg
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