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There are 10 objects for which Decoration contains "core"
14.9.15 Part of base and side of vessel with a white core. The interior surface is pink. Exterior surface is white with horizontal stripes on right half in red, and red line at base of side all on a white slip. What is the base is apparently reserved.
14.9.16 Core of this fragment is white with the interior surface painted red. The exterior surface is white with a bold red zigzag. No finished edges. 2007.03.1282.jpg
14.9.17 Red core with both surfaces covered in white. The fragment is curved in two directions suggesting it is part of the neck of a vessel. Convex curve white and the concave curve is white with a red zigzag. No finished edges. 2006.20.0019.jpg
14.9.18 Coarse ware with a white core. Inside is white, with red curved line around fracture. Outside is also white with red bands and dentate band (see drawing on card). Fragment is angled suggesting that part of it may have been the base of the vessel. 2007.03.1277.jpg
14.9.20 No finished edges. Red core and red interior. White on outside with dark brown / red detail in a triangular shape. 2007.03.1286.jpg
14.9.21 Two fragments joined. Core is reddish-brown. Inside is white with two wavy lines in red. Outside is white as well with two thick and two thin straight lines in red. Curves as though it may have been part of the neck of the vessel. 2007.03.1279.jpg
14.9.28 Fragment of coarse Neolithic pottery, pink with grey core, traces of decoration in red on outside and reserved inside. 2007.03.1273.jpg
14.9.7 Core is grey and the surface is red. Both sides have a linear pattern formed into rectangular shapes. The interior surface has lines with adjoined rectangles with lines inside them too. A similar pattern is reflected on the outside but less clear.At one end remains part of a bored hole, perhaps for suspension. 2007.03.1255.jpg
14.9.8 Core red. Red surface with linear decor in dull black on both sides. The underside appears to have a zigzag pattern above a more dense and busy pattern of lines and zigzags. No finished edges.
14.9.9 Core red. Surface red, with linear decoration in black on both sides. No finished edges. 2007.03.1263.jpg
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