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There are 17 objects for which Decoration contains "cornucopia"
2007.10.2.127 Woman's bust. Frontal view. The woman is wearing a veil over her head and a necklace. On the right of the figure there is a "cornucopia"
2007.10.2.140 Male, sitting down, bare chested, caring a cornucopia in one hand and a branch with leaves (possibly olive), iconography suggests figure is a god.
2007.10.2.175 Bust of Athena, facing right, wearing a helmet, with a strap across her chest. Holding a cornucopia
2007.10.2.203 A goddess (?) holding a cornucopia
2007.9.1.59 Displays a naked human figure riding a hippocampus, probably a Nereid, holding a cornucopia and possibly wearing a helmet, both facing left.
2008.2.1.2 Male (child?) figure standing holding what looks like a cornucopia (horn of plenty).
2009.10.1.17 Left side view of a woman, probably Demeter, holding a cornucopia and a statue of a boy, possibly Eros, and surrounded by two ears of wheat. Cast Number - 964
2009.8.222 A moon, a cornucopia and a caduceus. Maybe a bunch of thunderbolts. Cast number: 13
2009.9.108 A naked man holding a caduceus in his left hand and a cornucopia in his right hand, leaning against a pole. Maybe Hermes. Cast number: 41
2009.9.120 Two naked children wearing cloaks. The one on the left side is winged and holding a snake (?) in his hand. The other one holds some kind of scepter or a cornucopia. Cast number: 53
2009.9.15 A naked woman holding a cornucopia and leaning against a pole, maybe Aphrodite. Cast number: 29
2009.9.16 A naked child putting one finger to its mouth, leaning against a pole and holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 30
2009.9.24 A woman wearing a dress, holding a spear and a cornucopia on the left side. A woman in the middle holding two vessels. A human figure with a dog's or jackal's head on the right side, holding a twig. Cast number: 38
2009.9.283 A warrior with a beard wearing a helmet and holding a spear and a shield, receiving a wreath from a woman with wings, probably Nike. On the left side next to Nike is a cornucopia, on the right there is a basket with fruits and wheat ears as well as a bird. Cast number: 21
2009.9.286 Profiles of a couple, looking left. The woman is in the foreground wearing a ribbon and a hood and the top of her dress can be seen. The man is behind her, has wavy hair and a ribbon. On the right side behind the heads a cornucopia can be seen. Cast number: 24
2009.9.45 A naked man holding some kind of vessel in his left hand and two ears of cereal in his right hand. On his left side is a naked child or a small woman holding a cornucopia. Cast number: 59
2009.9.49 An ibis holding a caduceus and having a human figure sitting on its head which is holding a cornucopia (?). Cast number: 63
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