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There are 4 objects for which Decoration contains "couple"
14.9.62 9 red bands of approx. equal width, a couple fading on edges to yellow, red paint worn away towards centre of the piece probably from further bands. Background pale buff. Underside reserved 2006.20.0326.jpg
2009.9.205 A couple. A man wearing a helmet and holding a stick or spear, behind him a snake and a shield. He is holding hands with a woman wearing a dress, behind her there is also a snake. Above them is a crescent moon and between them a star. Cast number: 40
2009.9.260 Profiles of a couple. The man on the left side wearing a cloth looking right. The woman on the right wearing a hood looking left. Cast number: 100
2009.9.286 Profiles of a couple, looking left. The woman is in the foreground wearing a ribbon and a hood and the top of her dress can be seen. The man is behind her, has wavy hair and a ribbon. On the right side behind the heads a cornucopia can be seen. Cast number: 24
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