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There are 16 objects for which Decoration contains "cow"
2007.10.2.147 3 male figures, and a cow. All warriors with shields and armour, the predominent figure bringing cow to an altar, carrying a vessel or bowl.
2007.10.2.169 A cow profile facing right
2007.10.2.245 A bearded, muscular, and semi-naked seated figure. His clothing is possibly an animal skin (paws seem to be apparent). He appears to be resting as his right arm rests on his knee and his right hand supports his bowed head. He is also holding an unidentified object in his right hand which also rests against his leg. His other hand appears to be holding a further (unidentified) object which rests across his lap. A club rests against his left thigh in the foreground of the scene. There is either a bull or cow depicted by the figure's right leg at the bottom-left of the scene. The figure shown is almost certainly Herakles, possibly resting after one his labours (herding the cattle of Geryon?).
2007.10.2.330 A cow
2007.9.1.50 Displays the figure of a man carrying a stick standing behind a cow. A small tree can be seen in the background.
2007.9.1.67 Displays a cow suckling its young.
2007.9.1.69 Displays a cow suckling its young.
2007.9.3.12 Displays a horned cow, front legs raised on a rock, head bowed and looking back behind it, two calves stand underneath.
2007.9.3.13 Displays a horned cow, it's head bowed and looking behind it, suckling it's young.
2009.10.2.1 Man holding a sword, seems to be an animal sacrifice (cow). number 1
2009.8.13 A man with a beard and wavy hear wearing a cloak around his waist, sitting on a rock, one arm placed on his knee. Next to him is a cow. On his other side is a club. There is an inscription above the cow. Cast number: n
2009.8.137 A cow with a calf from behind. Cast number: 82
2009.8.220 On the left side, an eagle sitting on the head of a cow, holding a twig in his hand. Probably referring to Jupiter. On the right side, profile of a man with a wreath in his wavy hair, looking right. Cast number: 11
2009.8.274 A cow wearing some kind of crown. Above her are the insignia of the pharaoh. A bird sitting on a branch, maybe a hawk, referring to Horus. A sun with wings above it all. Cast number: 5
2009.8.275 A cow and a naked woman with a crown, holding a vessel, sitting on a flower, are in a barque which has a lion's head on the left end and a ram's head on the right end. Cast number: 6
E.63.9 Light green pendant. The image is the goddess of Hathor, goddess of music and dance. Here she is depicted in the form of a highly stylized cow. At the top of the pendant is a loop for threading. The pendant is flat and has the cow-head engraved in the centre with an arch of concentric lines above the head Below the head on either side are parallel vertical lines divided by one horizontal line on both sides. 2002.98.0219.jpg
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