Ure Museum Database

There are 13 objects for which Diameters contains "the"
23.11.31E 1.8cm for the shield 2005.06.0030.jpg
23.11.31F 1.8cm for the shield 2003.96.0001.jpg
23.11.31G 1.4cm for the shield 2005.06.0043.jpg
23.11.31H 1.6cm for the shield 2005.06.0049.jpg
23.11.31I 2.0cm for the shield 2005.06.0008.jpg
23.11.31J 2.0cm for the shield 2005.06.0064.jpg
23.11.31M 1.4cm for the shield 2005.06.0083.jpg
23.11.31N 1.4cm for the shield. 2005.06.0093.jpg
23.11.31OO 1.0cm for the base of the figure 2005.06.0099.jpg
26.7.2 Rim 18.5, with the handles 24.3; base 7.4 2003.09.0004.jpg
E.23.54 2.6 at widest point (across the arms) 2008.08.0120.jpg
E.65.3 Mouth: 22.5 (although the circle is not perfect) 2002.98.0091.jpg
L.2011.1.39 4.0-1.2; in the middle 2.8 2011.97.0294.jpg
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