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There are 89 objects for which Edited_by contains "georgina"
11.10.13 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0363.jpg
11.10.14 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.29.0096.jpg
11.10.3 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey; Teifi; Joana Varela 2002.97.0760.jpg
14.9.105 Georgina; Amy 2003.25.0005.jpg
14.9.114 Georgina; Amy; Kinsey 2002.97.0408.jpg
14.9.115 Georgina; Kinsey; Joana varela 2002.97.0411.jpg
22.9.1 Georgina; Amy; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2004.08.0002.jpg
22.9.8 Georgina; Kinsey 2007.02.0012.jpg
25.4.2 Georgina; Karen 2003.58.0009.jpg
25.6.2 Georgina; Karen 2003.16.0094.jpg
25.8.5 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0271.jpg
25.8.6 Georgina; Karen; Joana Varela 2003.11.0003.jpg
25.8.7 Georgina. Joana Varela 2002.97.0399.jpg
26.12.20 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey. Joana Varela 2002.97.0329.jpg
26.12.23 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.19.0096.jpg
26.12.24A-B Georgina; Karen; Julia 2003.19.0001.jpg
26.12.28 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2005.89.0016.jpg
26.12.29 Georgina; Karen 2003.35.0094.jpg
26.12.30 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0296.jpg
26.12.33 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2008.10.0003.jpg
26.4.2 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0264.jpg
26.4.4 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0345.jpg
26.4.5 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0340.jpg
26.7.10 Georgina; Kinsey 2004.95.0035.jpg
26.7.14 Georgina; Jayne; Joana Varela; Jayne 2003.17.0012.jpg
26.7.15 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.29.0099.jpg
26.7.7 Georgina; Kinsey 2011.98.0121.jpg
27.4.12 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0239.jpg
27.4.2 Georgina; Karen 2003.17.0003.jpg
27.4.3 Georgina; Karen 2003.14.0095.jpg
27.4.5 Georgina; Karen 2003.19.0007.jpg
27.4.6 Georgina; Karen 2003.14.0094.jpg
29.11.11 Georgina; Kinsey. Joana Varela 2002.97.0421.jpg
29.11.13 Georgina; Amy; Kinsey; Teifi; Joana Varela 2002.97.0755.jpg
29.11.7 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0200.jpg
29.11.8 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2008.99.0397.jpg
29.5.2 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.16.0008.jpg
29.5.5 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.19.0005.jpg
30.11.1 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2016.99.0214.jpg
30.4.1 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0457.jpg
33.4.1 Georgina; Karen 2003.58.0011.jpg
33.4.2 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.58.0012.jpg
34.10.15 Georgina; Amy; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2004.95.0115.jpg
34.10.16 Georgina; Amy; Kinsey 2005.05.0059.jpg
34.10.17 Georgina; Kinsey 2002.97.0389.jpg
34.10.18 Georgina; Kinsey 2002.97.0441.jpg
34.10.19 Georgina; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2002.97.0438.jpg
34.10.20 Georgina; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2002.97.0434.jpg
34.10.22 Georgina; Kinsey; Julia 2002.97.0377.jpg
34.10.24 Georgina 2004.95.0122.jpg
34.10.25 Georgina; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2002.97.0429.jpg
34.10.26 Georgina; Kinsey; Julia 2002.97.0426.jpg
34.10.7 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2008.98.0461.jpg
34.10.8 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2008.98.0478.jpg
34.2.1 Georgina; Karen 2003.16.0010.jpg
34.8.13 Georgina 2004.95.0058.jpg
35.4.3 Georgina; Karen 2003.17.0098.jpg
38.4.9 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2004.75.0006.jpg
47.10.2 Georgina; Karen 2002.97.0469.jpg
47.10.3A-B Georgina; Teifi; Amy; Joana Varela 2010.98.0012.jpg
48.2.1 Georgina; Karen; Kinsey 2003.16.0003.jpg
48.4.1 Georgina; Karen 2013.99.0072.jpg
50.10.2 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2008.98.0344.jpg
51.1.1 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2002.97.0233.jpg
51.1.4 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2004.02.0009.jpg
51.4.11 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy; Joana Varela 2002.97.0369.jpg
51.4.5 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2004.06.0004.jpg
51.7.15 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2004.06.0013.jpg
53.8.3 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2010.98.0024.jpg
61.6.3 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2010.98.0337.jpg
67.7.1 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey 2002.97.0444.jpg
68.12.2 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2002.97.0272.jpg
68.12.3 Georgina; Teifi; Amy 2008.99.0609.jpg
71.12.1 Georgina; Kinsey; Joana Varela 2002.97.0702.jpg
73.6.4 Georgina 2002.97.0210.jpg
73.9.1 Georgina 2002.97.0182.jpg
73.9.2 Georgina 2002.97.0212.jpg
73.9.23 Georgina; Jayne 2002.97.0191.jpg
73.9.3 Georgina 2002.97.0215.jpg
73.9.4 Georgina; Lucia; Joana Varela 2002.97.0214.jpg
73.9.5 Georgina 2002.97.0196.jpg
73.9.6 Georgina 2002.97.0193.jpg
73.9.7 Georgina 2002.97.0189.jpg
73.9.8 Georgina 2002.97.0185.jpg
74.7.5 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey; Teifi; Julia 2002.97.0398.jpg
80.7.1 Georgina; Kinsey; Teifi; Amy 2010.98.0222.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.35 Georgina; Julia
REDMG:1953.25.102 Georgina
TEMP.2002.7.1 Georgina 2002.97.0223.jpg
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