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There are 34 objects for which Edited_by contains "jayne"
2005.3.29 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0385.jpg
2005.3.31 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0380.jpg
2005.3.32 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0378.jpg
2005.3.34 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne; Jayne
2005.3.38 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0393.jpg
2005.3.39 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0395.jpg
2005.3.40 Kirsten Bedigan; Jayne 2006.20.0398.jpg
2014.3.1 jayne 2003.65.0099.jpg
25.6.10 Cara; Jayne 2006.20.0548.jpg
25.6.11 Cara; Jayne; Joana Varela 2006.20.0545.jpg
25.6.12 Cara; Liz; Jayne; Joana Varela 2006.20.0546.jpg
25.6.8 Cara; Jayne; Joana Varela 2006.20.0540.jpg
25.8.1 Denise; Karen; Jayne 2003.97.0874.jpg
26.7.14 Georgina; Jayne; Joana Varela 2003.17.0012.jpg
35.5.34 Karen; Jayne 2004.10.0083.jpg
45.6.20 Faye; Amy; Jayne 2006.20.0029.jpg
50.5.4 Karen; Jayne; Joana Varela 2003.63.0001.jpg
59.2.7 Amy; Kinsey; Amy & Jayne; Jayne; Jayne; Joana Varela
70.3.1 Denise; Teifi; Jayne 2008.10.0045.jpg
73.9.23 Georgina; Jayne 2002.97.0191.jpg
73.9.31 Leslie; Jayne; Joana varela
73.9.32 Leslie; Jayne
73.9.34 Leslie; Jayne Georgia; Jayne 2005.91.0037.jpg
E.23.19 Leigh; Kinsey; Jayne 2002.98.0025.jpg
E.23.29 Leigh; Alexandra; Kinsey; Jayne 2007.01.0076.jpg
E.23.39 Julia; Jayne 2005.02.0296.jpg
E.23.53 Leigh; Jayne 2002.98.0063.jpg
E.26.39A-B Denise; Jayne
E.63.20 Leigh; Alexandra; Jayne; Joana Varela
E.63.21 Alexandra; Jayne
L.2005.7.1 Amy; Jayne 2008.99.0325.jpg
L.2016.3.31 Julia; Jayne
RM.87.35.22 Jayne; Joana Varela 2003.04.0004.jpg
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