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There are 14 objects for which Edited_by contains "lucia"
11.10.2 Denise; Karen; Lucia; Kinsey 2003.97.0444.jpg
11.10.3 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey; Teifi; Joana Varela 2002.97.0760.jpg
2004.8.1 Lucia 2006.20.0564.jpg
2004.8.2A Lucia
2004.8.2B Lucia
2004.8.3 Lucia
2004.8.4 Lucia 2006.20.0566.jpg
2004.8.5 Lucia 2006.20.0571.jpg
2004.8.6 Lucia 2006.20.0572.jpg
2004.8.7 Lucia; Kinsey; Joana Varela
67.7.1 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey 2002.97.0444.jpg
73.9.4 Georgina; Lucia; Joana Varela 2002.97.0214.jpg
74.7.5 Georgina; Lucia; Kinsey; Teifi; Julia 2002.97.0398.jpg
87.2.1 Lucia; Kinsey 2005.05.0061.jpg
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