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There are 19 objects for which Edited_by contains "vanessa"
13.10.12 Vanessa; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne 2007.99.0135.jpg
13.10.27 Vanessa; Alexandra; Kinsey; Teifi; Marianne; Marianne; Joana Varela 2005.01.0001.jpg
14.9.6 Vanessa; Alexandra; Teifi; Marianne; Jasmin Payne 2004.13.0093.jpg
47.2.17 Vanessa; Kinsey; Marianne 2010.99.0089.jpg
47.2.19 Vanessa; Marianne; Amy; Marianne; Joana Varela
47.6.4 Vanessa; Amy; Teifi 2008.99.0577.jpg
48.12.9 Vanessa; Kinsey; Teifi 2008.99.0514.jpg
53.8.4 Vanessa; Amy 2004.15.0001.jpg Vanessa 2008.99.0501.jpg Vanessa; Teifi; Liz Vanessa; Julia Vanessa; Alexandra; Kinsey 2006.20.0160.jpg Vanessa; Teifi 2008.99.0472.jpg Vanessa 2008.99.0488.jpg Vanessa; Liz 2003.92.0125.jpg Vanessa; Kinsey 2008.99.0454.jpg Vanessa; Kinsey; Teifi 2008.99.0449.jpg Vanessa; Kinsey; Teifi 2003.92.0127.jpg
67.7.2 Vanessa; Teifi
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