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There are 12 objects for which Fabric_description contains "brown"
14.9.75 Brown clay 2013.04.0008.jpg
14.9.77 Orange brown clay 2013.04.0012.jpg
2005.7.14 Coarse unbleached linen ground weave with inlaid woolen threads (blue-green, light brown, and dark red) 2013.03.0016.jpg
2005.7.21 Plain dark brown wool cloth
2006.5.20 Fine Grained, Light Reddish Brown 2007.03.0077.jpg
45.6.34 Light brown, fine-grained fabric 2002.97.0017.JPG
47.2.32 Light brown 2008.03.0015.jpg
50.12.12 Coarse brown fabric 2003.98.0250.jpg
50.12.40 Coarse brown fabric 2003.98.0245.jpg
L.2016.3.17 Medium brown
REDMG:1953.25.64 Reddish brown, fine-grained, with fine to medium sized inclusions. 2003.93.0227.jpg
REDMG:1964.1662 Very pale brown, fine-grained, with dark inclusions, and powdery on the surface.
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