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There are 11 objects for which Fabric_description contains "colour"
13.10.14 Coarse, colour discrepancy at the botton of the plaque with a black core. 2008.99.0100.jpg
13.10.22 Dark to light salmon colour with some medium-sized black inclusions. 2008.99.0280.jpg
2006.5.13 Pale peach in colour, curving out at a stong degrees 2007.03.0016.jpg
2006.5.21 Orange in colour, very smooth 2007.03.0098.jpg
2006.5.30 bronw/beige colour, fine grain 2007.03.0011.jpg
2007.4.1 White colour 2007.03.0740.jpg
2007.9.9 Coarsewear, solid colour throughout.
34.10.15 Medium gray clay (because the piece is intact it is impossible to determine whether this colour results from burning, which is likely because the colour ranges from dark to light in patches). 2004.95.0115.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.27 Fine fabric of yellow/cream colour. 2003.93.0395.jpg
REDMG:1961.199.4 Surface entirely uniform: unclear whether this dark red is the colour of the fabric or a red slip.
REDMG:1964.1697.1 Yellow-buff clay. Colour of slip is particularly interesting with green areas and iridescent gold lustre on top. 2008.99.0213.jpg
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