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There are 34 objects for which Fabric_description contains "fabric"
2005.2.4 Hard to discern, because fabric has greyed on all broken surfaces (through exposure to fire?)
2005.7.4 Unbleached linen base fabric with two red-brown wool and linen bands (clavi). 2005.95.0003.jpg
2005.7.9 Unbleached linen base fabric with one band in and red wool and linen thread 2013.03.0012.jpg
26.2.83 Exceptionally fine fabric 2013.04.0194.jpg
27.3.1 Fine, thin fabric 2003.97.0212.jpg
27.4.3 Pale buff fabric 2003.14.0095.jpg
27.4.8 Pale fabric 2003.16.0013.jpg
28.6.6 Fine thin fabric 2003.02.0072.jpg
29.11.13 Grayish-brown fabric (may have darkened as a result of burning) 2002.97.0755.jpg
34.10.6 Heavy fabric 2003.02.0010.jpg
45.6.34 Light brown, fine-grained fabric 2002.97.0017.JPG
50.12.12 Coarse brown fabric 2003.98.0250.jpg
50.12.21 Clay pale, paint fired red. Fine fabric. 2007.01.0147.jpg
50.12.36 Clear pale fabric 2003.98.0217.jpg
50.12.40 Coarse brown fabric 2003.98.0245.jpg
57.3.4 Fine pale fabric. 2004.12.0097.jpg
81.9.1 Pink medium-coarse fabric 2010.99.0044.jpg
E.23.23 Coarse, large inclusions. Original fabric not visible. 2002.98.0182.jpg
E.47.6.9 Undecorated salmon pink fabric. 2002.98.0031.jpg
E.62.20 Pale greenish-buff fabric DSCN0183.jpg
E.63.24 Red Coarse ware fabric 2006.20.0091.jpg
REDMG:1934.51.8 Heavy, dark fabric 2004.99.0795.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.27 Fine fabric of yellow/cream colour. 2003.93.0395.jpg
REDMG:1935.87.30 Light gray, powdery fabric.
REDMG:1951.1707 Rough, pink fabric with inclusions 2004.99.0402.jpg
REDMG:1951.1708 Coarse, buff fabric, with inclusions
REDMG:1951.1718 Fine-grained reddish-yellow fabric, with small inclusions. 2008.99.0257.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.72 Coarse pinkish-buff fabric 2004.99.0101.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.73 Coarse pinkish-buff fabric with large inclusions. 2004.99.0095.jpg
REDMG:1961.199.4 Surface entirely uniform: unclear whether this dark red is the colour of the fabric or a red slip.
REDMG:1964.1624 Powdery, fine-grained, buff fabric 2004.99.0139.jpg
REDMG:1964.1630 Fine, powdery reddish-yellow fabric with micaceous inclusions.
REDMG:1964.1707.1 Rough, pink fabric with inclusions.
TEMP.2003.7.42 Dense pale orange fabric 2006.20.0411.jpg
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