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There are 16 objects for which Fabric_description contains "of"
13.10.14 Coarse, colour discrepancy at the botton of the plaque with a black core. 2008.01.0032.jpg
2005.7.1 Unbleached linen ground weave with areas of tapestry in red-blue and yellow wool and linen threads 2002.99.0051.jpg
2005.7.11 Yellow-brown wool (weft) and unbleached linen (warp) ground weave with area of darning executed in blue-red wool. 2012.97.0014.jpg
2005.7.19 Six small fragments of dark green woollen cloth 2013.03.0046.jpg
2005.7.2 Unbleached linen ground weave with areas of tapestry in red-blue wool and linen threads 2013.03.0020.jpg
2005.7.20 Four small fragments of yellow wool cloth
2005.7.8 Unbleached linen ground weave with four bands of tapestry in purple-blue wool 2013.01.0005.jpg
2006.5.22 Fine Grained, Light gray with hint of peach, covered quite heavily in residue 2007.03.0003.jpg
2009.10.2.152 Naked figure of a man (possibly Hermes) holding objects (possibly Hermes' helmet and caduceus) with inscription. Number 24
2009.10.2.50 Figure of a man standing on top of a pile of rocks with a staff in hand. Surrounded by greek capital letters in no particular order. Number 50.
29.11.13 Grayish-brown fabric (may have darkened as a result of burning) 2002.97.0755.jpg
L.2016.3.11 transparent, shades of green and purple
REDMG:1935.87.27 Fine fabric of yellow/cream colour. 2003.93.0395.jpg
REDMG:1961.199.4 Surface entirely uniform: unclear whether this dark red is the colour of the fabric or a red slip.
REDMG:1964.1697.1 Yellow-buff clay. Colour of slip is particularly interesting with green areas and iridescent gold lustre on top. 2008.99.0213.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.82 Obverse: Head of Elagabalus Reverse: Roma seated, on shild is Victory 2008.02.0085.jpg
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