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There are 74 objects for which Fabric_description contains "with"
13.10.12 Browish-red clay with red and white inclusions 2007.99.0135.jpg
13.10.14 Coarse, colour discrepancy at the botton of the plaque with a black core. 2008.01.0032.jpg
13.10.20 Dark greyish-brown with some dark intrustions 2008.99.0204.jpg
13.10.21 Greyish pale yellow to dark pink clay with some dark pink inclusions. 2010.99.0070.jpg
13.10.22 Dark to light salmon colour with some medium-sized black inclusions. 2003.92.0062.jpg
13.10.27 Light salmon coloured with large and small white inclusions, some dark inclusions. 2005.01.0001.jpg
13.10.9 Pale beige clay with white inclusions 2008.99.0069.jpg
14.9.19 Red core with black inclusions. 2007.03.1283.jpg
14.9.3 Pale yellow with white inclusions. 2008.99.0106.jpg
14.9.6 Very dark with inclusions. 2003.98.0273.jpg
14.9.80 Clay pale orange, with many impurities 2013.04.0018.jpg
2004.10.4 Medium grain with small white and black inclusions
2005.7.1 Unbleached linen ground weave with areas of tapestry in red-blue and yellow wool and linen threads 2002.99.0051.jpg
2005.7.10 Unbleached linen ground weave with red wool strip and red wool medallion 2005.95.0019.jpg
2005.7.11 Yellow-brown wool (weft) and unbleached linen (warp) ground weave with area of darning executed in blue-red wool. 2012.97.0014.jpg
2005.7.12 Wool ground weave with central band in unbleached linen and blue-purple wool 2012.97.0015.jpg
2005.7.13 Wool ground weave with unbleached linen and brown-purple and pink-red wool decoration 2008.07.0024.jpg
2005.7.14 Coarse unbleached linen ground weave with inlaid woolen threads (blue-green, light brown, and dark red) 2013.03.0016.jpg
2005.7.15 Unbleached linen ground weave with red-blue wool band 2008.07.0008.jpg
2005.7.16 Undyed woollen ground weave with looped border 2008.07.0009.jpg
2005.7.17 Undyed coarse linen cloth with decorated braid 2008.07.0010.jpg
2005.7.18 Narrow braided linen ribbon with and unbleached and orange-pink linen threads 2013.03.0010.jpg
2005.7.2 Unbleached linen ground weave with areas of tapestry in red-blue wool and linen threads 2013.03.0020.jpg
2005.7.3 Unbleached linen ground weave with tapestry areas in red-brown wool and linen thread 2008.07.0002.jpg
2005.7.4 Unbleached linen base fabric with two red-brown wool and linen bands (clavi). 2005.95.0003.jpg
2005.7.5 Unbleached linen base with two bands in red-brown wool and linen thread 2013.01.0011.jpg
2005.7.6 Unbleached linen band with tapestry areas in red-brown wool 2013.03.0037.jpg
2005.7.7 Unbleached linen with tapestry areas in red-brown wool and linen thread 2012.97.0010.jpg
2005.7.8 Unbleached linen ground weave with four bands of tapestry in purple-blue wool 2013.01.0005.jpg
2005.7.9 Unbleached linen base fabric with one band in and red wool and linen thread 2013.03.0012.jpg
2006.5.18 Fine Grained with pale red on the interior and pale red with dark gray stipes on the exterior 2007.03.0065.jpg
2006.5.19 Fine Grained, Light red with pale yellow 2007.03.0071.jpg
2006.5.22 Fine Grained, Light gray with hint of peach, covered quite heavily in residue 2007.03.0003.jpg
2006.5.24 Fine Grained with light greenish gray on the exterior and drark greenish gray on the interior 2007.03.0007.jpg
2006.5.26 Fine Grained, Light gray on the interior and Dark Greenish Gray on the exterior with some inclusions 2007.03.0049.jpg
2006.5.27 Gray with many inclusions 2007.03.0031.jpg
2006.5.34 white with clear strands 2007.03.0056.jpg
2006.5.8 Pinkish-red fine-grained with some inclusions 2007.03.0076.jpg
2007.9.8 Black/grey on surfaces, but with a light pinkish red core.
2009.10.2.152 Naked figure of a man (possibly Hermes) holding objects (possibly Hermes' helmet and caduceus) with inscription. Number 24
2009.10.2.50 Figure of a man standing on top of a pile of rocks with a staff in hand. Surrounded by greek capital letters in no particular order. Number 50.
26.2.18 Greyish clay with cream slip. 2005.02.0430.jpg
47.2.30 Creamy buff, with orange core 2010.99.0194.jpg
49.10.2 Course with inclusions 2005.01.0015.jpg
60.1.4A-B Soft ruddled yellow clay (covered with miltos). 2004.05.0002.jpg
67.6.3 Pale pink with a white slip 2004.95.0067.jpg
71.6.1 Grayish-brown coarse-grained clay with large inclusions. 2002.97.0627.jpg
78.12.13 Orange clay with red wash 2008.99.0245.jpg
78.12.19 Pinkish orange clay with some white and black inclusions 2008.99.0699.jpg
78.12.4 Very light beigy pink clay with no visible inclusions 2008.01.0050.jpg
78.12.5 Dull orangy pink clay with no visible inclusions 2008.99.0037.jpg
78.12.6 Brownish beige clay with no visible inclusions. 2005.01.0289.jpg
78.12.8 Orange clay with some white inclusions 2008.99.0064.jpg
79.1.7 Brownish-beige clay with no visible inclusions. 2008.99.0765.jpg
L.2016.3.22 Pink-yellowish, with black and whitish-transparent inclusions.
L.2016.3.23 Pink-yellowish, with black and whitish-transparent inclusions.
REDMG:1935.87.33 Clay pale and clear with yellowish tinge. 2004.07.0003.jpg
REDMG:1951.1707 Rough, pink fabric with inclusions 2004.99.0402.jpg
REDMG:1951.1708 Coarse, buff fabric, with inclusions
REDMG:1951.1715 Yellowish to pink clay with some red inclursions. 2008.99.0268.jpg
REDMG:1951.1718 Fine-grained reddish-yellow fabric, with small inclusions. 2008.99.0257.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.51 Olive yellow, with glittering inclusions.
REDMG:1953.25.64 Reddish brown, fine-grained, with fine to medium sized inclusions. 2003.93.0227.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.73 Coarse pinkish-buff fabric with large inclusions. 2004.99.0095.jpg
REDMG:1953.25.8 Very thin material with greenish tinge.
REDMG:1958.113.1 Light and porous, with inclusions
REDMG:1961.199.3 Medium-grained, with inclusions
REDMG:1964.1630 Fine, powdery reddish-yellow fabric with micaceous inclusions.
REDMG:1964.1661 Powdery, buff, with some inclusions and air pockets. 2004.99.0605.jpg
REDMG:1964.1662 Very pale brown, fine-grained, with dark inclusions, and powdery on the surface.
REDMG:1964.1697.1 Yellow-buff clay. Colour of slip is particularly interesting with green areas and iridescent gold lustre on top. 2008.99.0213.jpg
REDMG:1964.1707.1 Rough, pink fabric with inclusions.
REDMG:1964.1710.1 Dark oragnish clay with some white inclusions. 2008.99.0252.jpg
REDMG:1997.209.3 Pinck, light and porous, with inclusions
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