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There are 5 objects for which Inscriptions contains "above"
2007.10.2.216 2 seperate inscriptions, one above each figure. All letters are in capital form and could be Greek or Latin. Possibly the names of the two characters depicted.
2008.2.1.62 Inscription above the figure, unclear whether it is Greek or Latin
L.2016.3.25 Above the quiver, not discernible except from two Greek letters: ΛΕ/ΔΕ (?)
L.2016.3.26 Reverse, above the cow/bull head: ΕΛ
TEMP.2007.3.53 Obverse Legend: M; Obverse Symbol: 2 wings above head; Reverse Legend:C.MAMIL / LIMETAN 2007.99.0205.jpg
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