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There are 8 objects for which Inscriptions contains "base"
2016.3.1 Inside the ring at the base of the lamp are incised two Greek capital letters: ΔΙ 2016.99.0260.jpg
45.6.70 On the base is Trace of stamp mark. 2005.01.0008.jpg
50.4.25 Foot print stamp on the base, perhaps 'NNA' or 'NIAE'. 2001.99.0018.jpg
71.6.3 Base: grafitti 2008.99.0717.jpg
79.1.16 Graffito: appears to be 'AI' on base 2005.01.0042.jpg
E.23.29 Hieroglyph on base. 2007.01.0076.jpg
E.47.1 Small graffito on the base consisting of a triangle with a circle on top. 2005.01.0328.jpg
L.2011.1.36 Inscription on base GABINIA. Bonnet, group IB, from Tunisia 2011.97.0307.jpg
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