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There are 14 objects for which Inscriptions contains "in"
2003.7.77 in pencil by Ure on the inside: "Aegina Afrod." in Greek. 2006.20.0556.jpg
2005.2.4 On underside: AFY (Alpha-Phi-Upsilon in capitals)
2005.9.4 Greek letters inscribed in marble (Δ and Η) 2007.99.0134.jpg
2007.10.2.216 2 seperate inscriptions, one above each figure. All letters are in capital form and could be Greek or Latin. Possibly the names of the two characters depicted.
2007.10.2.250 Two three letter inscriptions, one on either side of the figure. One inscription is in Latin 'CAE' (left side) the other is in Greek 'KAS' (right side).
2007.9.1.108 Latin: TRIA IVNCTA IN VNO.
2007.9.1.113 Latin: TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO.
35.5.20-22 Painted in white, S 2003.21.0088.jpg
39.8.2 Inscription painted in red (now missing on a broken piece?) and (retrograde) from satyr's mouth to his foot: KA[L]OS. 2003.21.0014.jpg
39.8.4 Inscription in red, KALO[S] EVQVD[IKOS], and below retrograde, ...EST.... 2003.99.0023.jpg
39.8.5 Inscription in red, '...AFSEN' from 'Egraphsen' (he painted). 2003.61.0005.jpg
L.2005.7.15 Rev.: Magistrate’s name in front, M?????? behind 2006.98.0003.jpg
L.2011.1.45 'Carthage' and 'cartes choisies detachables detachables views' in gold lettering on the front. On the back also in gold lettering 'Edition speciale du Musee Lavigerie Carthage' 2011.97.0069.jpg
TEMP.2007.3.78 Obverse:ANTONINUS.AUG.PA Reverse: IMPERATOR.II.S.C.ANCILIA IN EXERGUE 2008.02.0063.jpg
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