Ure Museum Database

There are 25 objects for which Inscriptions contains "on"
14.9.107 Graffito on underside: OLY 2003.92.0139.jpg
2003.7.77 in pencil by Ure on the inside: "Aegina Afrod." in Greek. 2006.20.0556.jpg
2005.2.3 Possible graffito on the interior: X, S, and I
2005.2.4 On underside: AFY (Alpha-Phi-Upsilon in capitals)
2007.10.2.250 Two three letter inscriptions, one on either side of the figure. One inscription is in Latin 'CAE' (left side) the other is in Greek 'KAS' (right side).
2007.10.2.251 An extremely small Greek inscription is present on the right side of the image running from bottom to top of the cast.
2007.10.2.356 On the left side of the cast, by her neck, there is a Delta.
2007.9.2.24 Inscription running on right side of cast, too faint to identify.
2008.7.153 Fragment, chipped and scratched. Wash heavily scratched on interior.
2008.7.27 Curving decoration on exterior, unidentified.
2008.7.49 Probable inscription on underside of stand
2009.8.108 on top: PAX
39.8.2 Inscription painted in red (now missing on a broken piece?) and (retrograde) from satyr's mouth to his foot: KA[L]OS. 2003.21.0014.jpg
45.6.70 On the base is Trace of stamp mark. 2005.01.0007.jpg
50.4.25 Foot print stamp on the base, perhaps 'NNA' or 'NIAE'. 2001.99.0018.jpg
79.1.16 Graffito: appears to be 'AI' on base 2005.01.0041.jpg
E.23.29 Hieroglyph on base. 2007.01.0076.jpg
E.47.1 Small graffito on the base consisting of a triangle with a circle on top. 2005.01.0328.jpg
L.2011.1.36 Inscription on base GABINIA. Bonnet, group IB, from Tunisia 2011.97.0307.jpg
L.2011.1.45 'Carthage' and 'cartes choisies detachables detachables views' in gold lettering on the front. On the back also in gold lettering 'Edition speciale du Musee Lavigerie Carthage' 2011.97.0069.jpg
L.2011.1.48 On the underneath inscription 'L M ADIEC': CIL: VIII, 22644-219; Bonnet, 138, group IA. 2011.97.0370.jpg
L.2014.8.6 Not clearly discernible on either side.
L.2016.3.28 One letter on each side of the thunderbolt (at centre): A/Λ, Ε/Γ (?)
TEMP.2003.7.47 There appears to be inscriptions around the pictures on both sides of the coin. 2008.02.0105.jpg
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