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There are 6 objects for which Provenance contains "kamelarga"
47.2.28 Unknown, similar to Larnaca, Kamelarga finds 2008.99.0007.jpg
47.2.29 Unknown, compare Larnaca, Kamelarga finds 2008.99.0004.jpg
47.2.30 Unknown, compare Larnaca, Kamelarga finds 2010.99.0188.jpg
47.2.31 Unknown, although typical of Larnaca, Kamelarga fines. 2008.99.0146.jpg
47.2.32 Unknown, but typical of the Larnaca, Kamelarga finds. 2008.03.0015.jpg
47.2.33 Unknown, but similar to Larnaca, Kamelarga finds. 2007.99.0126.jpg
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